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Members from the Broadway and New York Theater Community are sharing their stories so youth everywhere can feel support and know that "It Gets Better".

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Aaron Albano Aaron Albano
Michael Arnold Michael Arnold
David Beach David Beach
Brad Bradley Brad Bradley
Selby Brown Selby Brown
Adam Brozowski Adam Brozowski
J.R. Bruno J.R. Bruno
Charles Busch Charles Busch
<!-- <div class="thumbnail"> Billy Elliot (Chicago Cast) Billy Elliot (Chicago Cast)
Cast of Chicago Cast of Chicago
Cast of Jersey Boys (National Tour) Cast of Jersey Boys
Cast of Memphis Cast of Memphis
Victoria Clark Victoria Clark
Didi Conn Didi Conn
Kevin Crewell Kevin Crewell
Marty Gould Cummings Marty Gould Cummings
Jim Daly Jim Daly
Erin Dilly Erin Dilly
Kurt Domoney Kurt Domoney
Bernard Dotson Bernard Dotson
Tovah Feldshuh Tovah Feldshuh
Ben Franklin Ben Franklin
Ben Gettinger Ben Gettinger
Tony Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez
Eric Gunhus Eric Gunhus
Bryan Johnson Bryan Johnson
Raymond J. Lee Raymond J. Lee
Jeremy Leiner Jeremy Leiner
Jose Llana Jose Llana
Natasha Lyonne Natasha Lyonne
Bobby Martino Bobby Martino
Kyle Dean Massey Kyle Dean Massey
Gerald McCullouch Gerald McCullouch
Tim McGarrigal Tim McGarrigal
Danny McNie Danny McNie
Jen Namoff Jen Namoff
Chris Nichols Chris Nichols
Lindsay Northen Lindsay Northen
Rory O'Malley Rory O'Malley
Kate Pazakis Kate Pazakis
Alex Quiroga Alex Quiroga
Brian Charles Rooney Brian Charles Rooney
Ben Sands Ben Sands
Gerard Salvador Gerard Salvador
Doug Shapiro Doug Shapiro
<!-- <div class="thumbnail"> Kate Shindle Kate Shindle
Derek St. Pierre Derek St. Pierre
Steven Strafford Steven Strafford
Juan Torres-Falcon Juan Torres-Falcon
Michael Urie Michael Urie
Andre Ward Andre Ward
Thom Christopher Warren Thom Christopher Warren
Laurie Wells Laurie Wells
Corey West Corey West
J.B. Wing J.B. Wing
Wicked 1st National Tour Wicked 1st National Tour
Wicked 2nd National Tour Wicked 2nd National Tour
BD Wong BD Wong