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The List

ISP World

January 11, 1999

To Some, Web Hosting's Sweet Spot Is in Middle
National ISPs and regional players are homing in on midsize firms, whose limited client base makes them needy.

ISP Briefs

January 4, 1999

Trading Big Bandwith for Better
Fatter pipes are fine, but ISPs are also concentrating on better network management.

Web Hosting Market Splits
Some Web hosting firms hope to lure more small businesses in 1999; others are pursuing corporate clients.

December 14, 1998

Still Seeking Feasible No-Fee Access Model
NetZero says it has finally come up with the right formula to be a free ISP.

December 7, 1998

Putting Customer Service in the Hands of the Web
When users said they hated a telephone-based help system, one firm pulled the plug and put customer service on the Web.

ISP World Briefs

November 23, 1998

Outsource Access--And Everything Else
ISP wannabes can outsource all of their operations to providers like Concentric Network, which just announced a Private Label hosting package.

Product Manages Many Firewalls on One Workstation
Service providers are finding themselves plagued by the very problem that gives them their business: the expense of infrastructure.

November 16, 1998

AOL, Others Petition FCC For Cable-Network Access
AOL is the latest dial-up ISP to ask the Federal Communications Commission to give it access to TCI's high-speed cable network.

Tool Scans ISP Customers
One company has introduced a tool that detects Back Orifice, a "back door" program that enables hackers to control a user's computer via the Internet.

ISP World Briefs

November 2, 1998

IP-Based Services To Dominate VPN Market
One report predicts that the U.S. market for virtual private network services will skyrocket from $224.1 million this year to more than $13 billion in the year 2004.

Company Offers 'Offline' E-Mail Notifications
One vendor notifies its customers of received e-mail even if they are not online.

October 26, 1998

Web Tool Eases Peering for ISPs
MCI WorldCom moves to make traffic swapping more manageable.

ISP World Briefs

October 19, 1998

Groups To Certify Web Hosting Firms
Two organizations want to make choosing a hosting firm easier than ever, but industry onlookers are not convinced that these groups will offer their members any real business advantage.

Acquisition Aids Sun.Net Effort
Sun Microsystems Inc. hopes to give business users access to internal company information and applications from any device hooked to the Internet.

October 19, 1998

Separating ISPs From the Telcos
It used to be ISPs were simply bought out by phone companies-now they're becoming the phone company.

October 5, 1998

Application Rentals Sought by Business
E-commerce is hot now among small businesses, but web hosting firms say renting small business applications like accounting and payroll systems could help them break into new markets.

ISP World Briefs

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