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Jesus College Cadwallader Club

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The Cadwallader Club

The Cadwallader Club was founded in 1976 by a group of former Jesus oarsmen to support college rowing. Funds raised by the Cadwallader Club have enabled the Boat Club to acquire equipment that would otherwise have been beyond its reach, given the ever-increasing costs of boats and blades and the pressures on college funding. Most recently the purchase of a new Menís First VIII has been made possible with a substantial Cadwallader Club contribution.

Annual Dinner

A secondary function of the club is a social one! The principal event has been the annual dinner in Oxford, which attracts just under 100 former and current Jesus oarsmen and oarswomen of all generations. This is a relaxed occasion that allows old crewmates and friends to re-unite in the familiar surroundings of the College Hall. All Old Members with rowing associations are welcome to attend.

This yearís annual dinner will be held in the College Hall, Friday 13 September 2002. Dinner jackets will be worn. Accommodation in college will be available. All Old Members are warmly invited to attend.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid subscription forms and further details regarding Club events are available from the Secretary.

Contact Details

Simon Pryke, 2 Balniel Gate, London, SW1V 3SD; alternatively

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