Computer Room


Computer Support is provided for all College members. Please email with any computer related queries.

Web site maintenance is provided by the Webmaster.

Detailed computer support, including information on network connection, is available from (the internal web site).

Email Access

If you are connecting from outside Oxford University then you should use the web email program, IMP, for email.

  • You will be asked to accept a security certificate. This has been issued by Jesus College and you should click 'Okay'.
  • Your browser may not support encryption (e.g. in France or older versions of browsers). In this case you can use an insecure version.

Secure Access

Jesus College online can be accessed securely. This means that all data (web pages that you receive, and data that you pass back from fill-out forms) is encrypted during transmission, making it much more difficult to eavesdrop.

In order to do this a 'security certificate' is issued. At the moment Jesus College handles its own certificate and so you will be asked whether you trust it. Answer 'Yes' or 'Next' to the questions and you will enable secure transmission. We plan to register with a third-party authentication group such as Verisign in the near future.

To check if you are using secure access, look for a small gold padlock (Internet Explorer) or a small gold key (Netscape). To make sure that you are using secure access, use the following link to access the home page:

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