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J. - A new publication with a history of more than 100 years


By Marc S. Klein
Editor and Publisher

J. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California was born on Sept. 19, 2003.

But its predecessors go back more than 100 years.

One of the oldest Jewish publications in America - the Emanu-El - began publishing on Nov. 22, 1895.

On Jan. 4, 1946, following a merger, the paper was renamed the Jewish Community Bulletin.

Over the years, the name changed slightly. It became the Northern California Jewish Bulletin and finally the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California.

But in 2001 its management felt it was time for a change. And began a redesign process.

In the last issue of the Bulletin on Sept. 12, 2003, the publication announced that next week its readers would receive:

"J. the Jewish Bulletin, only better."

We learned from focus groups that readers preferred a magazine format with a glossy cover. It was clear to us we needed to go in that direction if we wanted to attract new readers.

The emphasis in J. is well-written feature stories. We also have news, much of it analysis of events that occurred during the week. Of course, our new stories will be written by the same talented staff that brought you the Jewish Bulletin. If you'd like to know more about our staff, click here.

But you need to see our print edition if you want to get a real feel for our magazine. If you don't subscribe already, we'll be happy to give you six weeks free to get acquainted with J.

Just click on the subscribe button on the left and you are on your way.


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