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Joomla! 1.6 Updates Status: 1.6.0 Released!

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Get Involved!

Here are a few places to get started.

The forums are where to meet other community members, get help, and help others.

Translation Teams need volunteers and new language contributions are always welcome.

The issue trackers for Joomla! are found on

The Development Mailing Lists and the developer site are the places for coders.

Register for an account on the documentation wiki and join the discussion in the documentation forum.

Find or start a Joomla! User Group.

Attend or organize Joomla! events.

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Community Leadership Team.

Production Leadership Team.

Open Source Matters.

Media Contact.


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Joomla! in Your Language

Joomla! is an international project, with users and contributors around the world.

To find support in your language please visit the forums for your language.

To find translations of Joomla! please visit the translation teams page.

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Developer News

Help Finish 1.6

Most development activity for next release of Joomla! is taking place in the Joomla! Bug Squad.

You can join the bug squad in their IRC chat on Freenode, #joomla-bug-squad or on the JBS mailing list.

You can follow the latest commits here.

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Joomla Security Center

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