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 There are a lot of unhappy union members in town. Keep in mind that all of the talk here at Kag West about LAT and 986 is a preview of things to come if you don't make things right. LAT and Kag West drivers in Long Beach are finding out what the true cost of being in a union is. Conoco/LAT is in the process of ratifying a new contract. Included in this contract is a whopping .42 cent pay raise with about .20 +/-  cents due upon ratification of the new contract, and the balance (.22 cents) in one year. Thanks a boatload 986!!
 Teamsters 986 has been leaving out key important details when talking contract to Kag West drivers. We have been lied to from the very first day. The union continues to hide the truth and the cost of what exactly it is that we will be getting and paying for here at Kag West.  We have seen the proposed 986/LAT proposal/contract and intend to dig into the details. What exactly is 986 selling Kag West employees? What are they going to do for me and you that we can't do for ourselves, and by the way....cheaper?
 Find out what the real cost of a contract with 986 will be and what it means to your wallet. Forget about it if you thought you knew anything at all. It is not about just paying monthly union dues. This is about paying for their lifestyle and the promises they have made over the years to their membership. They are going to pay off on those promises by ripping off every Kag West employee every chance they get. A lawyer would call this a Ponzi scheme. That is exactly what that crook, Bernie Madoff went to jail for a while back.
  Teamsters' Chris Griswold in El Monte, steals over $250,000.00 of LAT employee money by way of his salary every year. This is LAT employee hard earned cash and all they can do is get them a lousy .42 cent pay increase over two years and they have to give back half of it by way of new fees and charges? Are you kidding? How dumb are you guys?
  This is going to cost Kag West employees a whole lot more than $70.00 in union dues. Help spread the word about what is going on with 986. Check out the details in the Read More About it page. 
  So you say you still want to see a contract? The real question should be, how much are you willing to give away to get a contract? Don't be an idiot and let yourselves be manipulated by the union.

Kag employees take it to the Teamsters! 
See the video here.

Union official explains what private companies have to do with their money and speaks on declining Teamster union membership.  Listen to the man, he believes that the Teamsters have some sort of natural claim on profits. Amazingly idiotic!

Unions drive Hostess out of business.
  This is the only place anywhere that Kag West employees can come to for the truth.


    Don’t be fooled or feel intimidated by the union creeps.  If you know anyone that is in a union and wants an instant pay raise, read this information and pass it on to them.  Tell them that can stop paying union dues anytime. We are going to tell you exactly how to do this right here.  Employees cannot be forced to pay union dues anymore than they can be forced to buy into a National Health Care plan. Yes, you do have to pay a small ‘administrative fee’, however that is generally a lot less than full union dues.  When you send your union resignation/refund letter you can expect to get threats and intimidation from your so-called union ‘brothers’.  Tell them where to go!  As you can see from the pictures above, the NLRB is not going to be of much help to Kag West employees ….the unions, of course, not a problem.     
   Fill out the refund form, mail it in, or just complete it online.  Follow this link for 'how to' info and tell your friends all about it.  Don’t forget to print and keep keep a dated copy for your personal records.  There is nothing the union can do about it; you are protected by law   If you are interested you can research the 1988 Supreme Court decision in a landmark case entitled Communications Workers of America vs. Beck.  We have the law on our side.
   Find out what the current 986 Local contract at Conoco (LAT) in Gardena really looks like and what they can expect in terms of a raise and union dues increases this year (2012).  LAT 986 members are in an uproar about the new fees and rightfully so; LAT needs to decertify 986 ASAP! Don’t let 986 take you to the cleaners because ‘you did not know.’  Help spread the truth about unionizing and what it really costs.   Always keep this in mind:  Knowledge is Power.
   The sooner we dump Local 986 the sooner we can get back to earning a decent paycheck.  On the face of all this, how can anyone with half a brain remain so stupidly blind and still want to be a member of a union?

  Tell your friends about our web site. Spread the word.

Thank you for your support and for joining the growing number of Kag West
employees who have said no to Teamsters Local 986.


Not sponsored by anyone at Kag West. This site reflects  the opinion of most Kag West employees.
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