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About KEET

Hello and welcome to KEET TV's web site.

Executive Director Ron SchoenherrI'm Ron Schoenherr, Executive Director of KEET- TV. On behalf of the staff and members of KEET, I hope you will take some time to explore the site and discover the many ways in which public television positively impacts the lives of our area's residents. During your site visit, you will be able to become a member, check out the station's current and past educational outreach projects, find out when your favorite show will be on, and even sign up to become a KEET volunteer.

The station has had a very proud history of being an important part of life here on California's North Coast for more than 40 years. When I joined the KEET staff in 1999, it took me very little time to find out how much the citizens of the North Coast value the role that KEET has played in the area communities.

Exceptional programming and community outreach projects are at the heart of this public television station's mission "to inform and inspire." PBS has long been known for its quality children's programming, documentaries, dramas and its news and public affairs programs. I hear over and over again how our programs have reached out and made a difference in our viewers' lives. Undoubtedly, your public television station has positively impacted life on the North Coast in many ways.

Many viewers choose to become members of KEET in order to sustain these valuable resources for the residents of the North Coast. The station relies heavily on financial support from its 4,500 members and would like to add YOU to the public television family if your are not a member already. To find out more about becoming a KEET member and membership's many benefits, I hope you'll consider joining today.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell your about a new way in which KEET is working to improve its programming and outreach services to you. As of November 2003 KEET began broadcasting digitally as mandated by the Federal Communications Commission. Although the conversion to digital from our current analog system brought many challenges for KEET, it also brings many new opportunities - opportunities to take our one digital channel and divide it into four separate and distinctive channels. This is called multi-casting and allows the station to provide up to four times as many programs and services to our community.

The KEET staff is currently working on plans to best utilize this new technology in offering additional programming and services. Currently KEET is offering two channels with the best of PBS programs. Other programming possibilities include an award-winning PBS Kids channel, a regional programming channel, a local organization partnerships channel, a school district-based channel, and even a channel dedicated to the broadcast of college courses.

I hope you will find when you surf our web site that KEET is much more than just a broadcaster of programs. I hope you'll come back often to revisit our web site to see all the things that KEET is doing as an active partner in North Coast communities.

If you have any questions or comments about this site or about the services of your public television station, please contact us through email, regular mail, or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you!