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The Organisation

The Department of Social welfare was formed on 09-09-1975 for the implementation of social welfare programmes and services. The concept of a welfare state pre-supposes careful planning and effective implementation of welfare services for the weaker sections of the community. The Social Welfare Services intended to provide needed care and protection and such other services to women, children the physically handicapped, mentally handicapped, destitutes, orphans, aged, infirm and the social deviants like juvenile delinquents.

Objectives of the department
Care, protection, welfare, development and rehabilitation of children, women, disabled persons, aged and infirm, delinquent and neglected juveniles, destitute and orphan children, ex-convicts, ex-criminals and persons released on probation.

1. Schemes for Welfare of Women and Children.

2. Schemes for the Welfare of Handicapped.

3. Schemes for the protection and care of orphans and destitutes.

4. Schemes for the welfare of the aged.

5. Social Defense schemes, Probation and After care services.

Regulatory functions covering social defense activities.

a. Probation and After Care Services under the probation of Offenders Act 1958 and the rules there under, Kerala Prison Rules;
b. Juvenile Justice Services under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000.
c. Institutional services under the prevention of Immoral Traffic Act 1985 and the rules there under;
d. Regulation of in country and Inter country adoption
e. Functions under the Dowry Prohibition act and Rules
Direct Services being rendered to the public

a. Services for the Women and Children under ICDS and other schemes
b. Services for the disabled, destitute, aged and infirm
c. Institutional services for destitute women, children, disabled, old aged and infirm

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