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Department of tourism


The present Department of Tourism had its beginning in the State Guest Department of the erstwhile Travancore State and Hospitality Organisation of the Cochin State. At that time the functioning of the Department was confined to looking after the comforts of the Guests of Rulers and those of the Government. A few palaces and State Guest Houses were used for accommodating the Guests and a small fleet of cars and boats maintained for their transport needs. In Travancore, the State Guest Department had been functioning since 1930. Till the re-organisation of States in 1948, the State Guest Department of Travancore State and Hospitality Department of Cochin State continued as such. Later, after the formation of Kera`la State in 1956, these two separate organisations were combined as "Tourist Department" in 1958.

This Department continues to be the Government agency responsible for looking after the comforts of Guests of the Government. It also functions as the Estate Office so far as accommodation of VIPs like Ministers are concerned. Their conveyance needs are also managed by the Tourist Department. Although the Department continues to handle the hospitality function of the State, more emphasis is now given to Promotion, Planning and Development of Tourism. In 1981 it was again re-named as Department of Tourism.

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