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KASARAGOD - The Land of Yakshagana

          The land of Yakshagana and Theyyam Kasargod is acquiring prominence in the tourist map of India. This youngest district of Kerala has several niceties to offer to the enthusiastic backpackers and pilgrims. The enduring charm of its beach, the architectural marval of the temples , mosques and churches and the unique and tell tale flok art forms are genuine areas of attractions for the tourist.


          Bakel fort and the adjoining beach selected by the central government to develop into a special tourism area is the best bid of Kasargod for the promotion of tourism. Twenty six kms South of Kasargod town this magnificent and robust fort, overlooking the calm seas and the 'snow white beach' is a Perennial source of tourist attraction. Built by the Ikkeri Naikkanas in the 17th century the fort has seen many a war and seige for dominance. This exhiberating artifice has stood the test of time and remains a marvel to the eyes.

         The broad and extensive beach with a backdrop of fisher folk village life has a scenic beauty and natural charm.


        Anathapura is the only lake temple in Kerala. Situated at Kumbala 12 Kms North East of Kasargod, it is considered the moolsthanam, original seat, of Anantha Padmanabha of Thiruvananthapuram. The annual festival at this temple is in the second fortnight of April.

Madhur Sidhi Vinayak Temple

         Located eight kms North East of Kasargod the famous Madhur Maha Ganapathi temple is attracting thousands of pilgrims annually. This imposing structure of three tier architectural marvel is adorned with copperplate roofing against the beautiful landscape on the banks of Madhuvahini. The unique architectural style of this temple is noted for its archaeological value.

Malik Dinar Mosque

          The Malik Dinar Mosque at Thalankara is one of the first ten mosques built in India after the advent of Malik Mohammad Dianar to propagate Islam in India. The mortal remains of Malik Dinar is put to eternal rest near this mosque. Pilgrims in large numbers gather on the occasion of Uroose, the annual festival of this mosque.

Bela Church

          The famous church at Bela 15 kms north of Kasargod is a famous pilgrim centre is in the district. constructed in 1890 this is the oldest church in this area.


          Yakshagana Bayalatta the famous art form of the region is a colourful cultural treat. The father of Yakshagana Parthysubha belonged to Kumbala. This colourful dance drama is based on the myths and legends of the old.

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