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WAYANAD- Centre for Eco Tourism

         Bedecked among the High Ranges of the Western Ghats Wayanad district which lies between 700 to 2100 metres mean sea level has a predominant place in the tourist map of Kerala. A major centre of hill products the district is noted contributor of foreign exchange to the State. Apart from archaeological and anthropological uniqueness Wayanand has genuine claims for an enviable position in tourism promotion.

          Wayanad has the highest concentration of tribals in Kerala. They form 1/5 of the total population of the district. It is the seat of Kurichiyas the valiant warriors of late King Pazhassi Veera Kerala Varma Raja who engaged the mighty British Army in several battles. Their descendants are still expert archers. Tribals can be seen in their natural habitat in Wayanad. Reaping the benefits of modern education and social welfare schemes many of them have developed and became part of the main stream.

          Enjoying a climate similar to Udhagamandalam alias Ooty Wayanad has prospects of developing several major hill stations in the district.


          Nestled among the hills Lakkidi which is the gateway to Wayanad has the highest annual rain fall in Kerala. With mist formation in the atmosphere almost throughout the year the place has further scope for developing into a tourist centre.

Edakkal Caves

          These are two caves in the Ambukuthy mountain. The caves contain several paintings and pictorial writings of the New Stone Age Civilization. The location is 3 Kms away from Ambalavayal and 25 Kms from the district Headquarters, Kalpetta.

Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary

          The wild life sanctuary at Muthaga 20 Kms from Sultan Bathery is developing into a major centre of tourist attraction. Herds of elephants, bear, deer, wild pig etc can be seen here. It is near the Begur wild life sanctuary at Karnataka.

Thirunelli Temple

          Located in the valley beneath Brahmagiri hill, 66 Kms from Kalpetta, Thirunelli is referred as 'Kasi of the south' It is believed that Lord Brahma himself had installed the idol of Lord Vishnu the presiding deity of the temple. Situated among the reserve forests the location of the temple has an enchanting natural beauty.

          The adjoining mountain spring called Papanasini is a major centre of pilgrimage. Papanasini means the destroyer of all sins. Thirunelli is a potential centre for eco tourism.

Glass Temple

          The Glass Temple of Kottamunda, located 20 Kms from Kalpetta, on the slope of Vellarimala, is a famous Jain family Temple in Wayanad. It is dedicated to Paraswanatha Swamy the third Thirthankara of the Jain faith. Icons of Parswanatha Swamy and this temple have thousand reflections in beautiful patterns on the mirrors placed on the inner side of the temple walls.

Pookkode Lake

          Located between Lakkidi and Kalpetta Pookkode is a very attractive freshwater lake around 2000 metres above mean sea level. Contoured by lush green forests the lake has good prospects for boating facilities. It is one of the major centres of eco-tourism in Wayanad.

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