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Redressal of public grievances has been given a lot of importance in all forms of Government. Even in ages before democracy got stabilised, history is replete with descriptions of public hearings and mass durbars by sensitive monarchs. During the colonial days in India, there were compulsory 'marches' and 'halts' for senior officials to enable them to directly see and feel the problems of people, so that they could be sorted out with understanding. In Kerala, the Government has taken a lot of initiatives, from time to time, to redress grievances in a quick manner.

Prompt and effective redressal of public grievances is the best manifestation of a responsive administration. A good public grievance redressal system existing at various levels of Government would reduce pressures on elected representatives and political leaders and can free senior officials for policy making and overall monitoring. It can drastically reduce scope for small-time corruption.

To solve your grievances contact the Public Grievance Redressal Agencies of Kerala which are listed in side menu of this page.

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