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An international seaport with container cargo handling facility at Cochin

Excellent communication network

Highest density of science and technology personnel

100% literate workforce

Highest physical quality of life index

India's most advanced society

Rich natural resources - minerals, marine products, agri-products

A range of industry - specific walk-in-and-manufacture environments

Quality power and water supply Highlights of the Government Industrial Policy-1998

Pro-active government policies and pro-enterprise incentives

Accelerate industrial growth (up to 9%) in the State

Creation of more ready- made infrastructure facilities

Creation of a management culture and maintenance
   of cordial industrial and labour relations

Necessary assistance for marketing of industrial products
  Simple and transparent procedures for investment

Schemes & Incentives

To boost the industrial development in the State, a lot of schemes and incentives are offered by Government of Kerala. Margin Money Loan up to Rs. 2.5 lakh is provided as soft loan with an interest rate of 9% per annum to set up new Small Scale Industrial Unit in the State.

In order to assist the technically qualified non-resident Keralites to start industrial units, State offers Margin Money Loan up to Rs. 5 lakhs. The rate of interest shall be 9% per annum

Units under thrust sector shall be eligible for investment subsidy of 15% of fixed capital investment subject to a ceiling of Rs. 15 lakh. and 20 % investment subsidy subject to a ceiling of Rs. 25 lakh for IT industry.

The investment subsidy at the rate of 10 % of the fixed capital investment subject to a ceiling of Rs. 5 lakh shall be given to units other than thrust sectors. The ceiling will be Rs. 10 lakh for units in Wayanad, Idukki and notified industrial areas Local Small Scale Industries have been given a price preference for their products as a measure of encouragement.

SSI units are exempted from furnishing earnest money deposit and security deposit respectively in support of tenders submitted by them to Government Departments Government of Kerala provides infrastructural assistance by alloting Development Areas, Development Plots, Industrial Estates, Mini Industrial Estates, District Mini Industrial Estate Co operative Societies, Functional Industrial Estates and Growth Centres.


Promotional Agencies

To stream line procedures concerning setting up an industry, and to give technical and financial assistance to entrepreneurs, various promotional agencies are functioning at full swing in the State. Six main promotional agencies are dedicated to meet the various requirements of the entrepreneurs.

Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), the nodal agency for foreign and domestic investments in Kerala, provides comprehensive support for investors. It's the prime agency for promoting, financing and developing large and medium scale industries.

Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC), provides medium and long term credit facilities to meet the financial requirements of the small and medium scale industrial units in the State. It also takes care of the support mechanism related to finance for the State.

Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA), is responsible for the development of industrial parks all over Kerala. These industry specific parks provide world class infra structural facilities and thus minimize lead time for operations.

Technopark, is India's first technology park for Information Technology. It provides the ideal infrastructure and environment for setting up new ventures. It also acts as single point contact for clearances and approvals ensure quick and easy start up.

Kerala State Export Trade Development Council (KEREXIL), is the nodal agency for export promotion activities. It assists small scale industries in finding new markets by providing them the opportunity to participate in international trade fairs in India and abroad.

Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion (K-bip), provides operational flexibility and acts as a support mechanism for the Industries Department of the State Government. The bureau also functions as an interface between the prospective entrepreneurs and the other State agencies.


Public Sector Units

There are 72 Public Sector Units which included 10 Chemical, 5 Electrical Equipment, 5 Ceramics & Refractories, 9 Engineering, 10 Textiles, 10 Electronics, 5 Agro & Wood Based, 5 Development & Infrastructure and 13 Traditional & Welfare Industries under the administrative control of Industries Department. Government of Kerala pioneered state level Public Enterprise(SLPE) restructuring in India. Close on the heels of liberalisation and industrial policy of 1991, Public Sector Restructuring nad Internal Audit Board(RIAB) was constituted. Visit for more details.


At the turn of the century, Kerala is rapidly becoming the most preferred industrial destination of the nation. As we brace ourselves to meet the challenges of the new millennium,ideal business opportunities are thrown up aplenty in the State. And to woo investors, an unimaginably conducive atmosphere for industrial growth is offered here.

Significantly located at the southern tip of the sub continent,well in proximity to international air and sea routes, Kerala become the ideal ground to realize industrial dreams. Excellent network of roads, three international airports and an international sea port are excellent. Kerala is slated to be a power surplus State in the new millennium.

Kerala Telecom circle with 882 Exchanges offers an excellent communication network throughout the State. The Panchayats in the State are being linked by a network of computers and provided internet facilities, as a part of the IT policy of the State.

The most attractive feature of the State is its high quality manpower. There is the availability of intelligent and well trained personnel for all types of jobs. And a large consumer base of 50 million people who are 100 % literate. The unique achievements of Kerala in its socio-economic fields is also remarkable.
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Advantage Kerala
Strategic location on the trans-national trade corridor
Well connected road and rail network
Three international airports at Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Cochin

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