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Information Technology

Creating a new state of opportunity. Total venture support from the State. With its intrinsic advantages, Kerala offers immense opportunity for investment in the IT industry.

Government agencies have geared up to encourage new ventures in this sector. No state level clearances are required to set up IT projects here. And the Government offers total venture support to investors. Financial benefits . Venture Capital Fund for financial assistance to new IT and high-tech ventures. Outright grant of 20% of Fixed Capital Investment subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2.5 million per project Exemption from tax for the first 7 years. Grant of 50% of the cost of project feasibility studies for medium and large scale industries. Duty-free imports and income tax exemption for EOUs . Exemption from stamp duty/ registration charge for purchase and sale of land/built-up space. Priority in sanction and servicing of power. Exemption from the purview of the Pollution Control Act .

Setting trends in e-governance, the Information Kerala project of the State Government is a trendsetter in the deployment of technology at the grassroots level and a model for participatory governance through the effective use of Information Technology. The project aims at modernisation and integration of government functions using IT by: Networking and computerising the 1214 local self-governing bodies to expedite transactions like issue of certificates, licenses, tax collection etc. Training and orientation of personnel at all levels of village, district and state governing bodies. Setting up internet kiosks, accessible to the public in every Panchayat ward. Achievements in e-governance . Kumarakom Panchayat in Kottayam district has become a model for e-governance. 152 development blocks in the State connected -a first-of-its-kind achievement in the country. All treasuries/subtreasuries in the State networked . Cooperative banks networked . Secretariat Wide Area Network linking the offices of the ministers, Secretaries and departments.

The kind of development envisaged along with the drive to computerise all sections of activity in the State has also opened up a promising domestic market for IT products. To know more about the IT investment opportunities in Kerala, talk to:

Mrs.Aruna Sundara Rajan,
IT Secretary,
Fax & Telephone: 0471-327243

Narayana Bhavan, Kurup's Lane, Sasthamangalam,
Trivandrum 695 010 Kerala , India,
Fax: 314284 , e-mail:

   Economic Indicator

State Income at current prices in 1998-99

Rs. 56,563 crores

State Income at Constant price in 1998-99 (Base year 1993-94)

Rs. 31,240 crores

Growth Rate

5.6 %

Percapita Income at current prices in 1998-99

Rs. 17,756

Percapita Income at constant prices in 1998-99

Rs. 9,807

Out put of important commodities during 1998-99

Rubber (in 1000 tonnes)


Tea (in 1000 tonnes)


Coffee (in 1000 tonnes)


Pepper (in 1000 tonnes)


Rice (in lakh tonnes)


Coconut (in million nuts)


Arecanut (in million nuts)


Newly registered SSI units during 1998-99


Total Investment in SSI units

302 crores

Growth rate in Industrial Sector during 1998-99


Total number of medium and large scale industries (as on 31-3-1999)



Export through Kochi port during 1998-99 was 24.3 lakh M.T

Total value of foreign export through Kochi port was Rs. 5673.14 crore
Details of certain commodities exported during 1998-99 are as follows:


Quantity in MT

Value (in crores)




Cashew Kernels



Marine products



Coir products









Curry Powder




The total number of registered SSI units in the state as on 31-3-1998 was 1.8 lakh. This sector provides employment to more than 909,859 people in Kerala. Considering the importance of this sector, Government of Kerala have announced a new Industrial Policy in 1998, which provides very attractive package of incentives to the entrepreneurs.

Newly registered SSI units during 1998-99
Total Investment in SSI units
Growth rate in Industrial Sector during 1998-99
Total number of medium and large scale industries
511 (as on 31-3-1999)


There are 511 manufacturing industrial enterprises in the State. Out of these19 in the central sector, 62 in the State sector, 16 in the co-operative sector, 29 in the joint sector and 385 in the private sector.


Our vision is for Kerala to become an advanced and globally competitive State within the next decade, with industries and services as its twin engines of growth.

We should be an economy where the basis for competitiveness will be the intellectual capital and capability to absorb, process and apply knowledge. We should have a strong technological base both in public and private sector and a vibrant  entrepreneurial culture that thrives on creativity, nimbleness and good business sense. To develop into a competitive economy, Kerala should be attractive to global talent and investment.

Industries should remain an integral component of the State economy, with capabilities in the entire manufacturing value chain, from R&D and design to marketing and sales. At the same time, Kerala should also develop into the premier service hub in India with a global orientation.

Kerala should build successful partnerships with foreign firms, strengthen domestic capabilities and forge strategic linkages. Successful public sector and private sector  should be nurtured into world-class companies. The industrial work force should be cost-competitive, motivated, and highly productive with world-class capabilities in industrial and business management, technology, R & D, production and services, and international market development.

1. About the department

The Department of Industries & Commerce is a Department of the State Government of Kerala, India.

2. What we do

We are accountable to the Legislative Assembly of Kerala through the Minister for Industries.  We address issues affecting Industries and Commerce in the State. We provide quality analysis and policy advice to the Government and deliver programs on its behalf that aim to:

3. We cater to

We cater to all citizens, particularly those who are; or involved in:

4. What you can expect from us

We are committed to providing prompt, quality, cost effective services which satisfy the needs of our citizens.

We place a high value on:

Recognizing the diverse needs of our citizens,  we will:

We will keep you informed through:

(i)                 Directorate of Industries and Commerce; and in all District Industries Centres.

(ii)              Directorate of Coir Development

(iii)            Directorate of Handloom Development and

(iv)            Electronic enquiry counter available at

5. Our service standards

Our effort will be to provide the highest service standards to our citizens.

You can measure our performance against the following standards.

When developing policy, we shall:

When policy decisions have been made, we shall:

When administering programs, we shall provide:

If you contact us, we shall:

If we are not able to respond to you immediately, we will provide you with details where relevant information will be available.

6. How you can help us

To help us provide you with quality service, we need you to:

7. How to give us feedback

We welcome your comments on how successful we are in achieving the standards set out in this Charter.  Feedback, including compliments, suggestions and complaints, is important to us as it helps us adjust our practices to improve our service.

Should you wish to provide us with feedback, including any complaints about our service, you should first contact the staff member with whom you have been dealing. 

If you wish to take the matter further, then you could talk to the staff member's, superior officer or even the head of the concerned office.

If  you  have  a  compliment, we  will ensure  the  relevant  staff  receives  recognition. 

If you have a suggestion, we will ensure the relevant staff receives it for consideration.

If you make a complaint, we will:

If you are still unhappy, you may take your complaint to:

Principal Secretary (Industries)


Thiruvananthapuram – 695 001

Phone 91 471 333439

Fax 91 471 333017


8. Checking our performance

We will evaluate our services against the standards we have set in this Charter to see if we are meeting those standards.  We will periodically review the standards in the Charter to ensure continuous improvements in service delivery.

The Charter will be independently reviewed at least once in every three years.  We invite comments from customers and the general public, to review procedures.  A copy of the Charter is located on our internet site at

Contact Addresses

The Industries Department is located in Thiruvananthapuram at the following address:

Principal Secretary (Industries)

Secretariat Thiruvananthapuram – 695 00,1 Kerala,

India Phone 91 471 333439 Fax  91 471 333017 E-mail

Other important offices of the Industries Department and their addresses are given below:

i)       For SSI Sector and for incentives.

Directorate of Industries & Commerce

Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033

Kerala, India

Phone 91 471 302774 Fax  91 471 305493


ii)     For Coir Development

Director of Coir Development

Nandavanam, Palayam

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Phone: 91 471 324287,Fax: 91 471 322046

iii)  For Handloom Development

Director of Handloom and Textiles

Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033

Kerala, India

Phone: 91 471 303427,Fax: 91 471 303427

iv)   For Mining and Geology

Director of Mining and Geology

Kesavadasapuram, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, India

Phone 91 471 447429,Fax: 91 471 447429

v)     For Medium and Large Scale Industries

Managing Director

Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation

Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, India

Phone: 91 471 318922,Fax: 91 471 315893

E-mail ,Website

vi)   For General issues:

General Manager

Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion

Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, India

Phone: 91 471 311882, Fax: 91 471 311883


vii)For Industrial Infrastructure

Managing Director

Kerala  Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

KINFRA House, TC 14/1026

Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, India

Phone 91 471 324285,Fax: 91 471 324473

E-mail ,Website

viii)          For Export Related Consultation

Member Secretary

Kerala Export Promotion Council

T.C. 15/1399,’Karthika’, Tagore Nagar, Cotton Hill Road

Vazhuthacaud , Thiruvananthapuram – 695 014

Kerala, India

Phone: 91 471 323032,Fax; 91 471 323058


ix)   For I.T. Industry

Chief Executive Officer

Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, India

Phone 91 471 417222, Fax: 91 471 417971

E-mail:, Website


Sl. No. Name Designation
Telephone Number
. . . Office Residence
1.        Shri. John Mathai Principal Secretary (Industries) 325239/518568 313973
2. Shri.
L. Radhakrishnan
Secretary (Industries) 327453/518833 434319
3.        Shri. Ajayakumar Special Secretary (Industries) 333028/518485 315565
4.        Dr. Asha Thomas Director of Industries & Commerce 302774 558868
5.        Shri. V.Sasi Director of Handlooms & Textiles 303427 442349
6.        Shri. N.Vimalan Director of Coir Development 324287 544379
7.        Shri. K. Padmanabhan Nair Director of Mining & Geology 447429 363003
8.        Shri.Gigi Thomson Managing Director KSIDC 318189 430808
9.        Shri. G.C. Gopalapillai Managing Director KINFRA 324285 436243
10.    Shri. K.A Chandrasekharan Managing Director SIDCO 330613 / 330414 -
11.    Shri. Rajive Vasudevan Chief Executive Officer, Technopark 417222 335657
12.    Shri. R. Harikumar Member Secretary, KEREXIL 323032 360531

IT& Industry
KERALA- India's most promising Industrial Destination

A dream tourist destination, the state is also becoming an important industrial destination. Strategically located at the southern tip of the subcontinent, well connected by air and sea routes, Kerala becomes an attractive destination for industrial development, international trade and commerce.
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