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What's New

Change in telephone numbers: Prefix 2

From 20th DEC 2002 onwards the telephone numbers of the Thiruvananthapuram and Neyyanttinkara taluks of the Thiruvananthapuram telecom district have become seven digit. It is by prefixing 2 to the existing number. The change came to effect for the numbers beginning with 20 to 57, 59, 618, 619, 70 to 75 and 750, 770, 791. 792 and 796.
The numbers in Chirayinkil and Nedumangad taluks would remain unchanged and there would be no change in the existing inter-dialling number from Thiruvananthapuram SDCA to Attingal SDCA and Nedumangad SDCA. But the users should prefix 2 while calling from Nedumangad SDCA to Thiruvananthapuram. The inter-dialing number for making call from Attingal to Thiruvananthapuram will change with prefix 2.

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