Hyogo Works of Rolling Stock Company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. was established in 1906, and in the following year we delivered our first rolling stock. In 1923 we expanded into the production of railway bogies, the driving units of rolling stock, with our first delivery of a Baldwin-type bogie. As of the end of December, 2001, we have supplied both domestic and international customers with around 84,500 electric rail cars, coaches, steam/electric/diesel locomotives, diesel cars and freight cars for Shinkansen, local, private and municipal railways. In April, 2002 we began operations at a new rolling stock plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A. as the second production site in North America. In addition to our North American activities, we are key partners in the Taiwan Shinkansen Project and are thus enthusiastically involved in opportunities within Asia.

Kawasaki Dockyard Co., Ltd. incorporated
Hyogo Works established as a branch works of Kawasaki Dockyard; rolling stock manufacturing begins
Completion of 3 electric-drive wooden coaches
Our first steam locomotive No. 6704
Hyogo Works incorporated as Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 
Pashina-type steam locomotive No. 979 manufactured as our 1500th steam locomotive
Streamlined Moha 52type 4-car train delivered to the Ministry of Railways
1945 Production stopped just before the end of the war due to bombing damage caused to the works Production resumed in September
1957 Series 3000 8-car electric train delivered to Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
1958 ''Business Express Kodama'' 8-car train delivered to the National Railways Corporation
1962 The first all aluminum-alloy train in Japan delivered to Sanyo Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
1964 Series 0 Shinkansen electric train delivered to the Japanese National Railways
1969 Kawasaki Rolling Stock Mfg. together with Kawasaki Aircraft merged into Kawasaki Heavy industries, Ltd.
1970 The first rubber-tired guideway subway train in Japan delivered to Sapporo Municipal Transportation Bureau
1980 Kobe Portliner, the first automated guideway transit system in Japan, is completed
Philadelphia City Streetcar delivered as the first Japanese train for North America
1983 325 subway cars delivered to New York City Transit Authority
1985 U.S. subsidiary established in Yonkers City, New York
1986 The Yonkers Plant was established on the outskirts of New York and started operations
1988 85 AC electric locomotives delivered to the People's Republic of China
1989 396 EMUs delivered to the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Corporation
1990 Series 300 trial trains for Tokaido Shinkansen delivered to Central Japan Railway Co.(JR Central)
75 Bi-level passenger coaches delivered to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
1991 Bogies delivered to London Underground
1992 Type DF200 diesel electric locomotive delivered to Japan Freight Railway Company
Subway train completed in the Yonkers Plant and delivered to Taipei City
30 light rail vehicles (LRVs) delivered to the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, Hong Kong
1994 Series E1 all bi-level electric train for Tohoku and Jyoetsu Shinkansen delivered to East Japan Railway Co.(JR East)
1996 Series 500 Shinkansen trains delivered to the West Japan Railway Co.(JR West)
Type EF210 electric locomotives delivered to the Japan Freight Railway Co.
Memorial ceremony for 100 year anniversary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. was held (90 year anniversary for Hyogo Works)
1997 Prototype of bi-level passenger coach for the Long Island Rail Road in the United States was completed
Series 700 Shinkansen trains delivered to the Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Central)
Series E4 Shinkansen trains delivered to the East Japan Railway Co. (JR East)
Order for 400 R142A subway cars received from New York City Transit
1998 Order for 212 R143 subway cars received from New York City Transit
66 C751B MRT cars received from Land Transport Authority of Singapore
2000 Taiwan Shinkansen Corporation (TSC) received order for the Taiwan High Speed Rail
2001 New Rail Car Manufacturing Facility established at KMM Lincoln Plant in Nebraska


Hyogo West Plant is completed and starts parts production
@ Order received for 680 subway cars (R160) for the New York City Transit is received in cooperation with ALSTOM (France)
2003 Order received for 321 subway cars is received from Taipei City (DORTS)
2004 Order received for 480 units of EMU (200km/h) for the Ministry of Railways, China
@ Order received for 300 subway cars for Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, China

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