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Kidz Bop's first iPhone/iPod touch app is here!

KB Glow lets you create your very own personalized glow stick! Whether you're singing karaoke to your favorite songs or rockin' after lights out at a sleepover, the KB Glow will make you stand out in a crowd! It comes pre-packed with the latest Kidz Bop hits, which are updated with every new release, so the The KB Glow is always up-to-date and ready to rock!

Features include:


Move it!

  • DotTwist, turn, and shake your iPhone/iPod touch and your glow stick will move with you!
  • DotPinch it to shrink the glow stick, expand to make it bigger or double tap to make it the default size.
Move_it_2 Move_it_3

Customize it!

  • DotPick a color: Select your favorite color by touching and moving the handle down the color slide.
  • DotSet the intensity: Control the amount of glow by moving the handle up and down the intensity slide.
  • DotMake it trail: Customize the visibility of the glow stick's trail by moving the handle up and down the trail slide.
Customize_it_2 Customize_it_3

Rock out and more!

  • DotPre-packed with Kidz bop Hits! Play samples of the latest Kidz Bop hits so you can and rock out with your glow stick. Stay current by downloading updates when new Kidz Bop CDs come out.
  • DotRegister: Make sure to register your KB Glow and you will get your own KB Glow button to show off on your Kidz My Channel page!
  • DotSend Feedback: Send us your feedback to let us know what you think of the KB Glow and any new features you'd like to see us add in future releases!
Music_2 Music_3