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Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori

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Think healthy = gross? Kate & Tori are here to prove you wrong as they whip up one delicious recipe after another. Mmmm, we're hungry already!

Latest Episode

Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori: Strawberry Shortcake

'Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori: Strawberry Shortcake'

Kate & Tori teach you how to whip up a tasty dessert, perfect for friends and family this holiday season!

Uploaded: Dec 02 2008

Plays: 966

In: Cooking

Favorited: 28 times

Props: (25) Omg-mini Loved_it-mini So_talented-mini

Past Episodes

Healthy Cooking: Chilaquiles

'Healthy Cooking: Chilaquiles'

Kate & Tori show you how to whip very tasty and easy to make chilaquiles in this episode!

Uploaded: Oct 03 2008

Plays: 3,742

In: Cooking

Favorited: 42 times

Props: (19) Make_more-mini Loved_it-mini Awesome-mini

Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori: Pasta Salad

'Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori: Pasta Salad'

The girls help you cook up some tasty veggie pasta salad in this episode of Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori.

Uploaded: Jul 21 2008

Plays: 11,911

In: Cooking

Favorited: 76 times

Props: (8) Im_a_fan-mini Make_more-mini So_talented-mini

Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori: Guacamole

'Healthy Cooking with Kate & Tori: Guacamole'

Let Kate and Tori help you mix up a tasty snack with this recipe for Guacamole!

Uploaded: Jun 12 2008

Plays: 4,263

In: Cooking

Favorited: 98 times

Props: (9) Loved_it-mini Awesome-mini Seriously_cool-mini