Taxi in Krasnodar

Taxi service is very popular in Krasnodar nowadays. If you look at the list of companies offering this kind of service, you will notice, that there are too many companies for such kind of a city (the population of Krasnodar is about 1 mln people). But if you take into consideration that the city is the Capital of Krasnodar region, the Black Sea resort and agricultural centre of Russia, that amount of taxi services would be justified by the amount of guest in Krasnodar. That is why there are also so many restaurants and hotels. But we should warn you that not all taxi drivers and taxi companies speak English here. Please have a look at a list of the taxi service companies that are popular among the visitors of Krasnodar:

Krasnodar taxi

T1. Taxi «777»
Phone +7 (861) 22-555-22
The price depends upon the class of the car you choose. For economical class it is 17 roubles per km.
Description: This taxi has english-speaking drivers. One of the most popular taxi service companies in Krasnodar. Lot of different cars. Reasonable quality and good price.

T2. Taxi «Yuzhniy gorod»
Phone +7 (861) 2-55-99-44
Price for 1 km - 16 ₷
Description: The main feature of this taxi service is good quality cars, and they a great variety services.

T3. Taxi «Enrika» Phone: +7 (861) 2-535-535
Price for 1 km - 17 ₷
Description: This taxi service company has got lot of cars. It’s no matter when you call them, they will do their best to find a car for you.

T4. Taxi «Econom»
Phone: +7 (861) 24-24-111
Average price for 1km ~ 16 ₷
Description: They don’t have as much drivers as other operators do, but the service quality is quite good, as well as price as reasonable.

Car Rental in Krasnodar

Car rental service is a totally new service in our city. It’s not as popular nowadays as it is in the USA and Europe, but still it’s available to the foreign guests of Krasnodar. We will recommend you two companies which are the most popular in this kind of service. You might require copies of the following list of documents to take a car: Russian visa, passport, migration card, driving license. One of the requirements might be opening a deposit before you will be giving a car. Anyhow, what we do recommend is contact representatives of these companies by an e-mail or phone (better e-mail, so that you would have a written answer from them), ask them all questions that you have and send in advance scanned copies of the documents for checking. You should find out all terms of the deal before you come to their office. If you need any assistance in negotiating with these or any other car renting company, please contact us.

Car rental in Krasnodar

1. «AMD Motors Co»
Phone +7 (861) 273-14-79, 273-14-80
Description: A modern company, which has it’s service not only in Krasnodar but in other cities of Krasnodar region mostly at the seaside. Their office in Krasnodar is located in the centre of the city - in the «Moscow» Hotel and they also have a representative at the airport (Office #10) tel: (861) 263-66-05.

2. «Yug-Autoprockat Co»
Phone +7 (861)945-00-75
Description: It’s a modern company which pays attention at the quality of their service. They might ask you to present more documents for them, but they have good variety of cars they offer.