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Bolivia in Focus

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by Marcel Bayer



Often caricatured in Europe and the US as the land of coups and cocaine, Bolivia is a country full of rich traditions stemming from before the arrival of Columbus. In the most Indian of Latin American countries, pre-Conquest lifestyles, languages and dress have adapted to survive centuries of oppression and forced labour in the silver and tin mines which dot the landscape.



* The history: Life under Spanish rule; the impact of independence and war; the revolution of 1952 and military intervention in politics

* People and society: Migration to the cities and rural poverty; the influence of Brazil and Argentina; the fight to regain access to the sea

* Politics and the economy: Political parties, trade unions and the military; the impact of the 1952 revolution; the rise of independent grassroots movements; free market reforms and the collapse of mining in the 1980s; coca and cocaine production

* Culture: The Indian identity; music and fiestas; the indigenismo movement; media and censorship; the film industry.

What reviewers say about BOLIVIA IN FOCUS:

"Concise and informative - should be required reading for anyone wanting to familiarise themselves before a trip to Bolivia."
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