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Argentina in Focus

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by Nick Caistor


Argentina is the most European, the least indigenous of Latin American countries. Once an economic power house, the country has suffered remorseless decline and the horrors of hyperinflation. A particular blend of populism and militarism has dominated its politics for fifty years, while Argentines today struggle to come to terms with the legacy of a savage dictatorship.



* The History: From colonial backwater to turn-of-the-century success story; the impact of European migration; civilian and military rule.

* The Politics: General Peron and the legacy of populism; the role of the military; dictatorship and redemocratisation; the Falklands/Malvinas war; Carlos Menem and neo-liberal reform.

* The People: Europeans in exile; Buenos Aires and the porteño mentality; from gauchos to café society. The trauma of the 'dirty war'.

* The Economy: Persistent economic failure; the rise and fall of the ranching economy; state planning and free-market gospel.

* Culture: Football and tango - the Argentine passions; Borges and the literature of escapism; creation of a national culture.

Nick Caistor is a journalist with the BBC Latin America Service in London, writer and translator. He is author of Chile in Focus(LAB, 1998)