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Cuba in Focus

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by Emily Hatchwell & Simon Calder


Cuba is in crisis. After 35 years of one-party rule, the island stands on the brink of dramatic change. Its economy destroyed by the collapse of the eastern bloc, its people suffering increasing hardship, Cuba's unique political and social structures are close to collapse. What is life like in Cuba at this decisive moment in its history?


CUBA IN FOCUS explores:

* The History:
Spanish rule, US domination, the age of dictators, the 1959 revolution and the birth of socialism

* Politics and the Economy:
The Communist Party, Fidel Castro and the myth of 'Che', the Cold War and since, from sugar to tourism and the growth of the black market

* People and society:
The welfare state, human rights and dissidence, the Miami connection, women, youth and race

* Culture:
The symbolism of revolution, music, literature and film, AfroCuba and religious expression; ideology and censorship

Emily Hatchwell and Simon Calder,the Independent's travel correspondent, are authors of The Travellers' Survival Kit: Cuba (Vacation Work Publications)