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    We Are Millions: neo-liberalism and new forms of political action in Argentina

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    ‘The near collapse of Argentina as a viable political economy in 2002 was major blow to the hegemonic pretensions of neo-liberal globalisation. In this accessible and riveting account by Marcela López Levy we get a real sense of what happened on the ground and its broader international repercussions. Recommended reading for all those interested in Latin America and the future of globalisation.’
    Ronaldo Munck, Professor of Political Sociology, University of Liverpool

    ‘…Argentina has seen a social breakdown, amid the largest sovereign default in history, that is the equivalent for neo-liberalism of the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union.’
    Perry Anderson, London Review of Books

    Over the last 25 years a brutal transference of resources has taken place from the poor to the rich in Argentina. The wealthy in Argentina have used the tools of neo-liberalism to make fast profits for themselves and international interests without a thought for the country’s future.

    On the 19th and 20th of December 2001, Argentinians took to the streets in their millions and said Enough! to the plunder. Their demand was que se vayan todos, - out with the lot of them - all the corrupt politicians, the interfering IMF, the rapacious national and foreign companies and banks. Two years on, it is clear that the protest was a turning point in the political life of the country. It was a wake-up call to citizens that they need to be more involved in the running of the country, or soon there will be no country left to run.

    We Are Millions traces the history of the state policies that have led to mass unemployment and poverty and describes the rich and the varied social responses to the economic meltdown and political crisis.

    Marcela López Levy is a researcher and editor at the Latin America Bureau. She is the author of Bolivia (Oxfam Country Profiles, 2001).