Introducing MORRIS Encore
Introducing MORRIS Encore
MORRIS Encore is a brand new platform, currently in beta development, that promises to make MORRIS keyword searching even more useful to you.

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The reference librarians and reference assistants work together to provide effective research assistance.  Among the avenues that we use to provide service are the Reference Desk, telephone (203-432-1606), email (lawref@pantheon.yale.edu ), and the web site.  At this site, we provide access to research guides on a variety of topics, access to a wide variety of databases and electronic journals, means for finding out more about the library, and contact information.

Reference librarians are also available to the law school community for instruction and consultation on research projects, particular research tools, or research strategies.  Yale law students who would like to arrange a consultation or instructional session with a librarian can contact the reference desk or any of the reference librarians (link to reference librarians on the staff list).  A faculty member may contact their library liaison, the reference desk, or any reference librarian.

Please direct any questions about the reference department, research services, or the research portion of the web site to John Nann (john.nann (at) yale.edu).

Finding Books
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MORRIS - the Law Library Catalog
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WorldCat (OCLC Libraries)
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Legaltrac | ILPIFLP | PCI | Other Indexes
Full-text Sources:
HeinOnline | JSTOR | Other full text journals
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Social Sciences:
Web of Science | WilsonWeb
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Reader's Guide | Academic Search


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