Contact: Anne Fleming
Location: Building 50B, Room 4206
Mail: 50B-4206
Phone: 6504
Fax: 6406
Costs: On a per-hour basis (for document-control services)

R eport Coordination assigns publication numbers and provides quality assurance for scientific, technical, and administrative documents published at LBNL. All of these documents come to us before they are printed and distributed outside LBNL. Our role is to confirm that documents comply with LBNL and DOE policies. When a document master is ready, we'll send it to printing and make the required DOE/LBNL distribution. We keep track of the holders of controlled documents and make certain that they receive all updates and revisions.

Our online Reports Catalog contains information about published laboratory documents. You can search for any LBNL document published since 1989 by report number, author, title word, or division. Most of our services are described in detail on the web page "Publishing at Berkeley Lab."