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Music Masterclass

1st to 6th September 2011
Workshop leader: Peter Knight (of Steeleye Span)
Music Masterclass

Workshop overview

We are very excited to be welcoming, Peter Knight, Steeleye Span's iconic fiddle player for this five day music workshop at the end of the summer. Peter has led several highly acclaimed Masterclasses in the UK, but this will be his first in France, a five-day-retreat from life's realities, and a chance to become completely immersed in the process of creativity. In the middle of the Workshop, on Sunday, 4th September he will be giving a concert with fellow musicians Roger Flack & Vincent Salzfaas.

"The experiences I have shared with previous participants have made my life that much richer, and I have been rewarded by the process of watching individuals tackling their particular fears and challenges and overcoming them in a heartwarming and often spectacular fashion. During the course of the workshops, I create short cuts for people, and open doors for them to explore what lies beyond. The thoughts and feelings that everyone invests into making music obviously share a common thread because they are the thoughts and feelings common to mankind. Some thoughts and feelings are constructive to creating music and some aren't. I can help with this. I know how to deal with those things that prevent the true nature of an individual's music from emerging".

About Peter Knight

The legendary Peter Knight is the iconic bowman of Steeleye Span with whom he still tours throughout the country and overseas. Meanwhile, he performs regularly with both Gigspanner (named as one of the best 15 Global CDs of 2009 by 'The Wire' Music Magazine) as well as being a leading light of Feast of Fiddles, a prodigiously talented group of 12 musicians who attact full-houses wherever they play. Peter has avoided being categorised purely as a Folk Musician due to the diversity of musical genres that he chooses to apply to his music making, and to the musicians he has chosen to work with.

Peter's prodigious talent was recognised at an early age when he won a place at The Royal Academy of Music in London. There he was drawn to the copious presence of Irish Music that was flourishing in London during the 1960's and he counts his collaboration with iconic Saxophonist Trevor Watts as one of his most deeply influential and formative experiences. He continues to use improvisation as a means of accessing a rich seam of emotion and depth of feeling.

"Peter Knight can spin the world on his Bow"

Sir Terry Pratchett

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13th to 19th April 2011 *

5 days of workshop / 6 nights

£700 - £1,150

* Dates are inclusive of arrival and departure days on which there are no workshops
Non-residential prices on request

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Gigspanner Live, 4th September