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The University of Chicago Library Catalog provides bibliographic information, library location and circulation status for books, journals, and other materials that have been processed by the Library since 1975, including items currently on order. Many items published before 1975 are also found in it. If needed items are not found in the Online Catalog, remember also to search card catalogs in the library, especially if the items were published before 1975.

The University of Chicago Library has developed a new catalog (Horizon) in partnership with Ameritech Library Services and Indiana University. The catalog will be part of a new integrated library system, still under development. For further information, periodically updated, see On the Library Horizon.

Horizon Upgrade: The Library has completed its move to a new version of the Horizon system. Call number indexes are still being built. They should be available again sometime the week of the 23rd. Please direct questions to

* Connect to the catalog

Select menu items 1 or 2 for the new (Horizon) catalog
Select menu item 3 for the original (LDMS) catalog
NOTE: Circulation information is available only in Horizon. As of March 1997, records for most English language titles will no longer be added to LDMS.
An enhanced Windows version of the new catalog that offers many additional features is available on workstations in the libraries.

Send questions about the new catalog to

Tips on Using Unix Telnet | Connecting to the Library Catalog | Searching the Library (Horizon) Catalog | Library Call Number Locations Guide

Quick Reference Guide to Using the Original (LDMS) Catalog | Original (LDMS) Catalog Hours

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