Yale University Library presents:
Introduction to Lynx: The WWW through Pantheon

In this Internet Workshop, you'll learn how to explore the World Wide Web using your Pantheon account. Not only can you use email and communicate with people around the world, you have full access to the Internet through a text-based Web browser called Lynx.

These pages serve as an online workbook for this workshop, and as a manual which you can consult after today's class.

Exercise one: Using Lynx
Exercise two: What is the World Wide Web?
Exercise three: Exploring the Web
Exercise four: Creating a bookmark list of your favorite websites
Exercise five: Where can I go for help?

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Yale University Library. Minerva/Pantheon: An introduction to the World Wide Web. Prepared February 1996 by Sarah Prown. Please send us your suggestions Copyright (C) 1995, Yale University. All rights reserved. http://www.library.yale.edu/ref/internet-lynx/intro.html