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Adding Mobile Graphics to LibreOffice Impress Presentations

Jack Wallen Jack Wallen | Monday February 21, 2011 07:22:16 PM | Featured Blogs | Exclusive
Adding Mobile Graphics to LibreOffice Impress Presentations Presentations can be your best friend or your enemy. They can make or break a meeting. They can be memorable or forgotten immediately. Most users cobble together the standard presentation with little to no pizazz and hope that the content will be enough to keep everyone's attention. In a perfect world that would work. But in our imperfect world the average human needs a little something extra ... Read more...

A New White Paper, Two New Training Classes, and Other Compliance Resources

Philip Koltun Philip Koltun | Monday February 21, 2011 03:22:54 PM | Featured Blogs | Exclusive
The Open Compliance Program continues its mission of making it ever easier for companies to achieve compliance with FOSS license obligations. I am pleased to announce the publication of our sixth white paper, titled “Keys to Managing a FOSS Compliance Program,” which can be freely downloaded (along with all our other white papers) from the Linux Foundation’s publications website.... Read more...

Review: Farewell MS Exchange, Hello Linux Open-Xchange

LinuxPlanet LinuxPlanet | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Enterprise Computing
Where oh where can we find refuge from Microsoft Exchange? One attractive option is Open-Xchange-- but what if your users revolt? Read more...

Novell Shareholders Approve Sale of Company

The H The H | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Enterprise Computing
The sale of Novell to Attachmate is approved by Novell shareholders, but the controversial CPTN patent sale is still critical to the deal being completed... Read more...

Raleigh, NC — The World's First Open Source City | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Enterprise Computing
I started pondering what qualities would define an open source city a few months ago when my friend Tom Rabon mentioned it to me one day. I was curious how the city I live in, Raleigh, NC, could attract other open source companies and be the world's hub for open... Read more...

Python 3.2 Arrives with a Better Global Interpreter Lock

The H The H | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Enterprise Computing
The latest release of the Python language addresses performance on multi-core processors, improves the API for concurrency and offers an improved ABI for extensions along with numerous enhancements to standard modules... Read more...

VirtualBox 4.0.4 supports Ubuntu 11.04 alpha guests

The H The H | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Enterprise Computing
Natty Narwhal testers can now use VirtualBox 4.0.4 for testing as Oracle adds support for Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha releases... Read more...

Novell: BrainShare 2011 Scheduled for October

The H The H | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Enterprise Computing
Although now moved back until October, Novell's BrainShare 2011, the Novell in-house event for partners and customers, will go ahead... Read more...

The Mandriva Primary Mirror Outage is Now Fixed and a Re-Design is in Progress | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | DistributionCentral
The Mandriva primary mirror ran into an issue last week which caused the package tree to be severely broken on all replicates. This created troubles to the Mandriva mirror maintainers, and to the community of Mandriva developers and users. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. The problem has... Read more...

Mozilla Ices Firefox 4 Beta 12 Release to Nail Final Bugs

The Register The Register | Monday February 21, 2011 08:00:00 AM | Software
Mozilla looks set to miss its February deadline for the release of its forthcoming browser Firefox 4.…... Read more...


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