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Rules for Online Conduct
Mailing List Guidelines

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Rules for Online Conduct
By participating in any of Apple's Mailing Lists, you agree to follow our Rules for Online Conduct. We ask all of our users to work with us to make this a useful and positive place for everyone.
  1. The List Administrator has the final say
  2. Stay on topic
  3. Use appropriate language.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material
  5. Do not post virus warnings!
  6. Do not post chain letters
  7. Use of e-mail addresses of our list subscribers.

Mailing List Guidelines
Here are a few tips to help you in posting more effective messages to our mailing lists.
  1. Keep your messages short
  2. Spelling and grammar ARE important
  4. Keep Subject lines relevant
  5. Please keep the length of lines to 75 characters or less.
  6. Don't guess an answer.
  7. Edit included messages in replies
  8. Keep Signatures Short
  9. This is a public forum
  10. More information on mailing list Netiquette


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