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Today, IT organizations and the businesses they support, face ever-increasing demands to make their companies more responsive to market-driven changes, more effective in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, and more capable of both protecting and leveraging their existing information, application, and technology assets.

Accomplishing these goals means that business must be able to redesign their IT infrastructure to be agile enough to quickly support new and changing business priorities, to be standardized enough to easily and consistently extend the value of their current applications and process, and to be affordable enough to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for acquiring the tools and technology to meet these demands.

LogicBlaze, Inc. offers businesses an open source-based Enterprise Transaction Platform that uniquely fulfills all three requirements:


LogicBlaze’s open source messaging solution stack provides a real-time enterprise architecture that packages business functions into services. The adoption of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows businesses to quickly create open applications that get the right information to the right people and processes, at the right time. In addition to business adaptability, adopting of LogicBlaze’s message-based design approach means you can reuse and recombine existing services to continually meet new priorities and requirements. This protects your current investment in training and development skills, and ensures continued leveragability of your applications. Lastly, because LogicBlaze is built on open source standards with full JMS and J2EE support, there are none of the comparable licensing costs associated with traditional Enterprise vendors of Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

LogicBlaze offers subscriptions, training, and full Lifecycle Technical Support and Service to provide varying levels of software delivery and production assistance. Whether you are just introducing a services approach to one area of your business, or ready to deploy an SOA and Event Driven Architecture (EDA) model to your entire systems environment, you can choose the options that best address your IT and business needs.