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Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW)

Welcome to the Land and Resource
Data Warehouse (LRDW)

The Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW) is the corporate repository for integrated land, resource and geographic data that supports a variety of business requirements for the natural resource sector, other government agencies, industry and the public.

The following services are available to find out what data is in the warehouse, download it or view it through your browser. Each service has online help to assist users. Some services have tutorials which show a user how to utilize the service.

Discover Data

The Discovery Service allows users to determine what data is available in the warehouse. Click here to access this service.

Download Data

The Distribution Service allows users to order information for download from the warehouse to their own computers. Click here to access this service.

View Data

The Access Service allows users to view warehouse data directly through a web browser using mapping software. Click here to access this service.

If you have questions or suggestions:

For Public or External Agency Users
Email: LRDW Project

For BC Government Users
Contact your Ministry or Agency helpdesk


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