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John Intini starts a sentence. . .
. . . Nelly Furtado finishes it
She has reason to smile.
(photo courtesy of Universal Music)
  . . . Conan O'Brien finishes it
His true comic genius is buried somewhere.
(photo by Peter Bregg/Maclean's)
  . . . Nicholas Campbell finishes it
And he doesn't pull any punches.
(photo by Mark Gilbert)
  . . . Meat Loaf finishes it
Back from the brink
(photo by Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis)
  . . . Diana Gabaldon finishes it
Does the prolific author get writer's block?
(photo by Peter Bregg/Maclean’s)
  . . . Sting finishes it
Still popular with the ladies
(photo by John Hryniuk)
  . . . Enrique Iglesias finishes it
What his father taught him
(photo courtesy of Universal Music Canada)
  . . . Alice Cooper finishes it
What could he possibly be afraid of?
(photo by Chris Woods)
  . . . Colin James finishes it
He's certainly not Dick Clark
(photo by James Pattyn)
  . . . Joan Rivers finishes it
The red carpet wouldn’t be the same without her
(photo collage by John Ueland)
  . . . Candace Bushnell finishes it
What's in the perfect Cosmopolitan?
(photo by George Pimentel)
  . . . David Spade finishes it
Find out about his greatest indulgences
(photo by Derek Shapton)
. . . Alex Trebek finishes it
The man with all the answers
(photo by Bryce Duffy)
  . . . Dan Aykroyd finishes it
The funny man talks shop
(photo by Sandy Pereira)
  . . . Ben Chin finishes it
The TV personality speaks about yoga, ketchup and the Windsor knot
(photo by Sandy Pereira)
  . . . Micky Dolenz finishes it
Daydream believer -- and a quantum physicist?
(photo by Christopher Wahl)

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