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News Release, January 16, 2002
Economic Impact of the Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games  
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The Economic Impact of the Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games

III. Who Benefits from the Games?

The impact of Vancouver Whistler winning the bid and hosting a successful Games would be felt throughout the province and across a number of sectors. The provincial tax component of an incremental economic benefit would provide new cash, contributed by non-residents, to fund the government's social and economic priorities, for the benefit of all residents. While the employment effects of the Games event itself are short-term and composed largely of volunteers, the long-term employment gains will be reflected mostly in the construction and tourism sectors, the latter as it responds to accelerated long-term growth in international visitor volumes created by enhanced awareness of British Columbia.

As the Games event would be held in the Lower Mainland, the benefits will be perceived to accrue to the Lower Mainland to the exclusion of the rest of the province. In fact, a lot of the inputs ranging from construction materials to table wines will originate outside the Lower Mainland. As was the case with Expo 86, while the event may be focused in the Lower Mainland, the long-term impact will be felt province-wide.


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