McDonald's spends over $2 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard.

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STOP PRESS: 25 January 2005

McDonald's To Pull Out Of UK Primary Schools
McDonald's is to curtail its presence in UK primary schools as part of a radical overhaul of its national education programme.

McDonald's to address UK 'animal sentience' conference
McDonald's, probably the world's largest exploiter and promoter of animals as meat machines, has been booked to address the International Conference on Animal Sentience.

Minister talks tough on fast food for children
The public health minister Melanie Johnson last night began tightening the screws on fast food companies to end two-for-one burger promotions and incentives aimed at children.

Junk food clampdown threat
The food industry was warned to stop advertising junk food to children within a year or face a clampdown.

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