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What's in a name?
Everything, life, death,
Infamy or fame.

H.D., By Avon River

Welcome to mediAzioni, an online journal founded by the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Translation, Languages and Cultures, University of Bologna at Forlì.

mediAzioni is a refereed, international journal that promotes interdisciplinary work in the humanities, with particular emphasis on the relationship between language and culture. It integrates our existing online journal on written and oral translation, inTRAlinea. It welcomes contributions cutting across or working between such fields as community interpreting, cultural studies, film, gender, history, humour, linguistics, media, literature, terminology, theatre, and more.

mediAzioni (mediation) was chosen as a title because of what it evokes: media, action, mediation, and all that these terms imply – the space in between, a space that although compressed in the name of the journal opens up to a multiplicity of meanings and interpretations. With mediAzioni we wish to encourage thinking across strictly defined disciplines and highlight the value of crossing borders in the belief that the cross-fertilization resulting from an interdisciplinary approach can prove enriching. Moreover, mediating the differences between languages, cultures, histories, nations, identities, genders and peoples represents one of the most pressing concerns that we, as teachers and scholars, feel challenged to face every day. Thus, we named the journal mediAzioni : "mediation" in the sense of negotiating and understanding differences, but also in the sense of action, that is, how to do things with language, how to promote change in culture and society, how to open up new ways of thinking with research, imagination and passion.

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