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Articles, Reviews and Essays
We are seeking articles, essays and reviews that come from a wide range of disciplines across the humanities (see our editorial statement). We welcome articles, reviews, review and bibliographical essays in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Whichever language is used, please also supply an abstract of up to 150 words in Italian or English. All material submitted for publication should be e-mailed to the editors. It will then be evaluated by a separate board of referees. Final decisions regarding publication, however, remain with the editors of mediAzioni. Short reviews will be edited by medAzioni editors prior to publication. The authors of all other material will be contacted about any proposed revisions.

Special Issues
mediAzioni welcomes proposals for special issues. Please send us a preliminary email inquiry first, setting out the topic, editorship, and potential authors in brief. If the proposal is accepted, mediAzioni will post a call for papers. The special issue editor(s) will be responsible for soliciting content, for refereeing, content editing, copyright permissions and costs, in accordance with mediAzioni guidelines.

Word Length and Referencing
Articles and bibliographical essays should not exceed 7500 words in length. Reviews should be between 800 and 2500 words. Because of the variety of languages and subjects, the editors do not require a specific referencing style. However, consistency and full information about quotations and bibliographical references are absolutely necessary. Please provide a bibliography at the end of the article and not in footnotes.

Submission Formats and Address
mediAzioni encourages the use of email and internet communication wherever possible. However do use our postal address if necessary. Documents should be emailed as attachments in Microsoft Word (.doc), RTF (.rtf), or “text only” (.txt) format. If using “regular” mail, please include a floppy disc formatted for PC with a printed version of your article or essay.

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