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Frequent Questions

Why are there so few topics?

We're new! Please don't be offended if your topic is not here yet. We don't pretend to know what everyone wants to meetup about. MEETUP is built to take your topic suggestions!

Can I create/suggest a MEETUP topic?

Please do... That's why we built this thing!

What is a MEETUP?

It's a local gathering of a group of people brought together by a common interest. Real world, face-to-face -- maybe over coffee or a beer. 

Where do MEETUPs happen?

MEETUPs are ready to happen in 540 cities in 22 countries. To make it easy, we've hand-picked 11,409 (and growing) good meetup spots -- local cafes, bars, bowling alleys, parks, donut shops, dog-friendly places, videogame displays, etc. People vote on where their local MEETUP will take place.

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