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What is a MEETUP?

It's a local gathering of a group of people brought together by a common interest. Real world, face-to-face -- maybe over coffee or a beer. 

Where do MEETUPs happen?

MEETUPs are ready to happen in 540 cities in 22 countries. To make it easy, we've hand-picked 11,409 (and growing) good meetup spots -- local cafes, bars, bowling alleys, parks, donut shops, dog-friendly places, videogame displays, etc. People vote on where their local MEETUP will take place.

Is this free?

Yes, MEETUP is a free service. To pay for this, we'll have special features that some users will want to pay for. And we may charge a listing fee to good meetup venues. (Note: We NEVER force a MEETUP to be at a particular venue. MEETUPs only happen at places that the people vote for.)

How many people will MEETUP?

We guess that there will be 4-12 people at a MEETUP. We will try to let you know how many people to expect at your MEETUP.

Does the MEETUP happen over-the-Internet or in-real-life?

Real life, real local communities, real groups of people.

What do people do at a MEETUP?

Chat, chew the fat, shoot the shit, sling the bull, babble, cackle, chatter, gab, yak, yammer. Maybe unionize, consort, or plot. Have coffee, have a beer -- depends on the venue people choose. No big whoop.

What if my city/town/country is not listed

If you want MEETUP to come to your city or to re-define your geographic area, see simply, tell us here. The two most difficult things about getting MEETUP going in a new place are getting venues for people to MEETUP and getting enough people to make sure MEETUPs actually happen. If you give us some help on both, it will make it more likely MEETUP will come to your town sooner.

Can I suggest a venue?

Yes, we are constantly trying add good MEETUP spots. Suggest one here.

Can I create/suggest a MEETUP topic?

Please do... That's why we built this thing!

What is a host?

Hosts help people find each other at the MEETUP. Hosts will receive a special email with tips on how to be a host. MEETUPs happen at cafes, bars, bowling alleys, and other places. Any MEETUP participant can volunteer to be a host after registering. There may be more than one host.

What are "updates" about a topic?

We send you very few emails: A couple reminders about your MEETUP, announcements about future emails, and important notices (eg. if your MEETUP is cancelled.) We do not spam you, and we do not share your email with anyone. See our Terms of Service for the nitty-gritty.

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