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What is a MEETUP?

It's a local gathering of a group of people brought together by a common interest. Real world, face-to-face -- maybe over coffee or a beer. 

Where do MEETUPs happen?

MEETUPs are ready to happen in 540 cities in 22 countries. To make it easy, we've hand-picked 11,409 (and growing) good meetup spots -- local cafes, bars, bowling alleys, parks, donut shops, dog-friendly places, videogame displays, etc. People vote on where their local MEETUP will take place.

Who leads the MEETUP?

Nobody. MEETUPs are informal. It's peers-talking-to-peers. They are NOT formal meetings. Most MEETUPs do have volunteer hosts that help make things go smoothly, but think of it as a casual get-together, not an official meeting.

Is this free?

Yes, MEETUP is a free service. To pay for this, we'll have special features that some users will want to pay for. And we may charge a listing fee to good meetup venues. (Note: We NEVER force a MEETUP to be at a particular venue. MEETUPs only happen at places that the people vote for.)

What is "Venue Voting"?

We never force a MEETUP to be at any particular place in any town. Venue Voting is when we offer three (hopefully) relevant and convenient venues for you to vote on. Democracy rules. The process for most MEETUPs:
* approx. 21 days before the MEETUP: Venue Voting opens -- if you are signed up for updates, you'll receive an email notifying you that voting has opened. * approx. 3 days before the MEETUP: Venue Voting closes -- you'll receive an email asking you to RSVP for a winning venue. * approx. 24 hours before the MEETUP: RSVP period closes -- you'll receive an email saying whether the MEETUP is cancelled or not. if there are enough participants, others can still RSVP.

Who chooses the candidate venues?

The MEETUP Venue Team hand-picked 11,409 venues worldwide. (We're also taking suggestions from users!) Then, our magic computer chooses these three venues based on availability and appropriateness for the topic. It's not perfect. That's where YOU come in: Help pick the best venue(s) for your city. The actual MEETUP venue(s) are open to a vote. We never force a MEETUP to be at any particular place in any town.

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MEETUP wants to help people connect locally about most ANY shared interest.

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