Golden Gods 2009 – Your Winners In Full!

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goldengods_90Come on in to find out who walked home with what award from the Metal Hammer Golden God awards!

Full-Length Golden Gods Video Diary Here!

Best New Band – Five Finger Death Punch

Best Underground Band – Behemoth

Best Metal Label – Roadrunner

Spirit Of Metal – Saxon

The Dimebag Darrell Shredder Award – Herman Li/Sam Toteman (Dragonforce)

Event Of The Year – Download

Legends Award – Def Leppard

Best Breakthrough Act – Amon Amarth

Best Album – Lamb Of God ‘Wrath’

Metal As Fuck – Anvil

Inspiration – Emperor

Riff Lord – Steve Vai

Best Live Band – Slipknot

Best International Band – Slipknot

Best UK Band – Iron Maiden

Golden God – Iron Maiden

Check out pics from this year’s Golden Gods in our picture galleries! Gallery 1 and gallery 2 and the best from all of our performances in the links below.

Anthrax, Clutch, Trigger The Bloodshed & Malefice Rock The Thames!

Performances: Scott Ian Joins Anvil, Saxon Break The Law & DevilDriver Destroy!

Trivium Bring This Year’s Golden Gods To A Triumphant Finish!

Golden Gods 2009 – Steel Panther Blitz Our Aftershow!

Golden Gods Rock Hottie Gallery

Golden Gods bands picture gallery

Golden Gods/Download Podcast

Golden Gods Polaroid collection



Go Anvil METAL ON METAL!!!!!!

I don’t get why behemoth is underground…

Yes, go Maiden!

Gothic Mosher

These results where ACE!
Slipknot best international band anbd live band…. DAM STRAIGHT!
Five Finger Death Punch Deserve that shit!
Iron Maiden are Gods… What else can be said?
Behemoth are underrated and deserve that award by FAR
Lamb Of God’s new album is the best metal album out for a long fucking time!
And i can say from experience that this years Download festival was AMAZING!


What a great nite it was, thanks MH!

I think other record labels deserve to win best metal label now.

Roadrunner’s latest signings have been Kids In Glass Houses, Madina Lake & Kill Hannah. In other words complete utter shite, they care more about commercialism than signing dedicated metal bands.

I think Nuclear Blast should’ve won it.

Agreed Moosh

Not saying Roadrunner don’t have great bands, but Nuclear Blast is the most consistently metal in my opinion


When will this be on TV?

Sam Sandars

Cheers for the awsome night metal hammer it was insane!!!

personally i think mastodon’s crack the skye album should of got album of the year though lamb of god are fucking awesome. and yes download definatly event of year

Mike House

Best night ever!



What? No Gojira? You girls are pathetic!

my question to you metal hammer, is why did Maiden not win every award???


Sylosis are SO much better 5FDp, and deseerved the award SO much more!!

Alestorm deserved best new band because they are so massively better than Five Finger Death Punch, having seen them live I’d challenge any band to be more metal.

Stupid bands, stupid awards, stupid people.

can i just point out to Moosh
that actually the latest signings are actually steadlur, munity within, port amoral etc.
they have had many amazing releases this past year including lamb of god, CKY, heaven and hell and got many more coming later this year including killswitch, devildriver, alexisonfire, airbourne, dream theater. The bands have won best international and live (slipknot), best album (log) shredder award (dragonforce)

and the siging of them bands isnt comercial its so they can make more money as it is a business and this is so they wont have to get rid of bands like they did with the likes of ill nino, wednesday 13 or have bands leave like chimaria and 36 crazyfists!!!!!

BEHEMOTH – Polish trio.

Slipknot with 2 awards!?

what about Metallica??

and alex skolnick and eric peterson should’ve won the shredder award

Hats off to amon amarth tho :)


hey Metal Hammer
will the events of the evening be on a dvd in the magazine at any point?!
much love x

herman li and sam totman my arse. overrated as fuck

Clutch are the best live band out there, I appreciate that lots of you like Slipknot but they aren’t the best there is. Skindred and Clutch are both better live bands.

Best new band…Why FFDP? This band has already gained alot. Poor Sylosis.
Shredder award…lame, DF lacks taste…
And Slipknot walked away with 2 awards??!!


The Beast

Crack The Skye will be the Critic’s Album of the Year.


Hail Emperor

I don’t get it where’s the metal

[...] Members of Trivium blowing kisses at each other? It’s amazing what you can get on film when you walk around the Golden Gods with a polaroid camera. Get a full round-up of the action from this year’s Golden Gods! [...]

DRAGONFORCE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alestorm should have won something, and Nuclearblast is better than Roadrunner, and I dshould have got one of those awards :)


awante metallica cradle of filth kreator iron maiden deicide startovarius helloween sacro…

Cold Colours

How could anyone possibly call Behemoth an “underground” band? They’re what, 8 albums into an 18 year career? Known the world over by anyone with any knowledge of metal. Headlined tours all over the world and played countless high profile support slots and have been having regular features in the music press for over 10 years now. Why bother having an “underground” award at all if you are going to put mainstream bands in it? P.S., dont even start me on the previous moronic inclusion of In Flames in this category… ;)


I just think best UK band should be won by Cradle Of Filth, Best shredder Alexi Laiho, and well what can I say slipknot won 2 awards cause they work their ass off and deserve it, especially live band they bring alot to the stage. Im glad that Emperor won something same with Behemoth, Black Metal should be appreciate more

How could anyone think Slipknob deserve an award? Crack The Skye was better than Wrath, and Alexi Laiho should have won best shredder



Dillan Valitz

i want HIM!!!
i misz VILLE VALO…

Cradle of filth should’ve won something for this incredible last lp.

Def Leppard for me are the best band ever they have been through more trials and tribulations than any other band I know of and they continue to show there musical diversity with ever album they release they have never been afraid to try something new.
Regarding Mr Alan he is nothing short of a true drumming legend many a man would have put there sticks down but not that guy he as shown more determination than anyone thought possible and with the Raven Drum Foundation continues to give hope to all those less fortunate than the rest of us well done guys your togetherness is an example to us all.

Proper upset Deathstars didn’t win, Nueclear blast should of won best labal Roadrunner have hardly any metal bands

Rob…I agree 100%

Are all of you people high? Seriously, FFDP is not a new band at all, they’ve been around for years. Saxon, Def Leppard, Slipknot, Steve Vai are not metal at all? C’maaaan!!!! What about Gojira, Opeth, Hatesphere, Bury Your Dead, Mushroomhead, S-Core, Slayer, OTEP, Daath, Deadsoil, Divine Heresy, Droid, Scarve, Heaven Shall Burn, so many better bands out there.

I knew Herman and Sam would win! they’re the best!! DragonForce rules! Fuck all the haters!!

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