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Internet Explorer 5 works faster and more reliably to simplify distributing your browser. The result: more users to your Web site and a reduction in your support costs.

Save Time Distributing your Custom Browser and Dialer
  • Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5 (IEAK 5) provides an improved Customization Wizard to customize exactly what you want.
  • IEAK 5 provides more cost effective distribution options via the Single Disk Branding for Windows 98 users and the Update Check Page, so that Internet Explorer 5 users can be redirected to a Web page where you can offer the latest software and support information.
  • IEAK 5 includes the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) to make it easy to create custom dialer profiles.
  • IEAK 5 in Service Provider mode is specially designed for ISPs. Microsoft also provides you with an IE5 Deployment Guide and free IEAK web based support.

Get More Users to the Web

  • IE5 Internet Connection Wizard is the fast and easy way for your users to get connected to the Internet.
  • With Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can reach users across multiple platforms: Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and Mac OS 7.5 or higher.
  • With CMAK you can preconfigure the Connection Manager dialer to make it easy for your users to select a local phone number.

Reduce your Support Costs

  • Internet Explorer simplifies the user experience on the Web via improved Search, History, and Favorites navigation and friendly HTML-based error messages.
  • Internet Explorer provides a smaller initial install and a helpful Install-on-Demand feature.
  • Internet Explorer provides a self-repair feature that lets the end user restore settings.
  • With Connection Manager you can make your users self sufficient, providing the latest dial-in numbers and custom help files.
  • Internet Explorer fixes the top technical support issues reported for Internet Explorer 4.

Increase your revenues per user

  • Use Internet Explorer extensibility features like Explorer bars or additional Toolbar buttons to increase interaction with your users and enhance exposure to your portal.
  • Brand the dialer, setup, browser title and logo to promote your service and to retain your users.
  • Internet Explorer provides the best platform for Office 2000 applications, allowing you to save complete Web pages locally and to switch back and forth between browser and productivity applications.
  • Promote new services along with Internet Explorer, like multiple Outlook Express mailboxes for families, video streaming with Windows Media Player, video and phone applications with NetMeeting or Virtual Private Networking services to corporate customers.
  • Increase your infrastructure utilization by securing more business customers with the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK), included in IEAK 5. Use CMAK to create custom, branded dialup profiles that enable Internet roaming. Offer higher margin business services such as outsourcing of business modem pools and wholesale accounts.
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