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Web Accessories
Some of the best features of Internet Explorer 5 haven’t even been invented yet. That’s because Internet Explorer 5 includes an extensibility feature called Web Accessories. Web Accessories are a powerful way to add new features and functionality to Internet Explorer 5. (If you’re a developer, check out the Web Accessories reference.) Try out the Web Accessories below, which were developed by Microsoft and several other leading Internet companies.

Explorer Bars
From Alexa
Get It Here From Alexa
Get Alexa, the free award-winning Web navigation service. Alexa integrates seamlessly into the bottom of your Internet Explorer browser and updates with site-specific information as you surf. Navigate the Web faster with related links for each page, and make smarter decisions about the value of each site you visit with site statistics, site reviews, contact information, related news, and more. Download the Alexa Explorer barThis links to a site that is not on

From the New York Times
Get It Here From the New York Times
Stay current throughout the day with The New York Times Explorer bar. With the Internet Explorer 5 Explorer Bar for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, you can enjoy the day's top stories, breaking news updates every ten minutes, market information and access to stock quotes. Download The New York Times Explorer barThis links to a site that is not on

From Alta Vista
Get It Here From Alta Vista
The customizable AV Tracker explorer bar gives you instant access to Alta Vista Search, news, sports, weather, and stocks. AV Translation makes translating web pages into five major languages as easy as a mouse-click. Bring the full power of AltaVista to your Internet Explorer 5 and download AV Power Tools.

From Bloomberg
Get It Here From Bloomberg
The Bloomberg Explorer Bar provides customers with easy access to stock quotes and business news from the Bloomberg Website while you browse the web. The Bloomberg Website draws select content from the Bloomberg service, a 24-hour-a-day, real-time information network, and Bloomberg's host of media products to provide high-quality, up-to-the-minute news and information. Download the Bloomberg Explorer barThis links to a site that is not on

Web Accessories from Microsoft
Internet Explorer 5 Web Accessories
Get It Here Web Accessories
Dreamed up by our very own development team, this kit contains eight terrific utilities that let you zoom in and out on any image, highlight text, do custom searches, and much, much more. Read the details.

Internet Explorer 5 Toolbar Wallpaper
Get It Here Toolbar Wallpaper
Turn the Internet Explorer toolbar into a work of art! Run the download, close Internet Explorer, then start it up again. Choose Toolbar Wallpaper from the Tools menu and pick your wallpaper! This Accessory is not supported by Microsoft. C'mon, give it a try.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Power Tweaks Web Accessories
Get It Here Power Tweaks
This pack of Web Accessories is designed to make your life easier. It adds an Offline/Online button to your toolbar that's especially useful for notebook computer users. Restriction commands right in the tools menu help you set sites as trusted or restricted without having to wade through the control panel to find the controls. Finally, with a right click of the mouse you can copy a URL right into the clipboard so you can paste locations in e-mail or any document. Not supported by Microsoft. Give it a try.

Microsoft Web Developer Accessories
Get It Here Developer Tools
These two tools help the web developer or those who are just curious about how pages are coded. The DOM tree tool lets you view all the Document Object Model properties in tree form via right click or the tools menu. And for those who are tired of scrolling through hundreds of lines of HTML to find that one section of code that does what you want, search no more! Simply highlight the area of Web page that you want to see the source for, right click on it and select "View Partial Source." It's that simple! Not supported by Microsoft. Give it a try.

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