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Information Technology Executives
Designed for CIOs and other IT Executives, the Executive Computing site features such strategic information as industry trends, enterprise solutions, viewpoints from industry analysts and Microsoft executives, and Microsoft's long-term strategies and product directions.

Systems Professionals
This site brings together appropriate content and services from a wide variety of sources to provide a comprehensive resource for planning, building, and managing solutions based on Microsoft business products. This site is designed to meet the needs of MIS directors and managers, systems administrators, and help desk professionals.

Microsoft offers a wide range of developer products and technologies. Whether you are looking for application development technology or specific Internet development product, Microsoft has something for every developer.

Web Builders
The Site Builder Workshop is the place to get the latest and greatest information about Internet technologies.

Industry Executives
There's great Microsoft technology in the service of your core business processes? Here we talk to you in business terms and point to myriad success stories of technology deployment that resulted in core business benefits.

Small Business
Business ideas, how-to articles, government information, special offers, and case studies.

Home Users
Get ready to learn how to make your life easier and more fun with the help of your PC! Here you'll find valuable tips, resources, and downloadables.

Higher Education
Resources for faculty, students, information technology departments.

K-12 Education
Products, resources, special offers, case studies, how you can take advantage of Microsoft partnerships.

A wealth of information about Microsoft Corporation. Press releases, corporate profiles, senior management bios, Bill Gates speeches and columns, and more.

The Microsoft Financial Forum provides financial information about Microsoft to shareholders, analysts, and anyone else interested in the financial aspects of the company.

User Groups
Whether you're looking for a user group or are leading one, this site provides resources to make your quest easier.

Microsoft Solution Providers
A site for Microsoft Solution Providers. Communication about and access to the MSP program.

Internet Service Providers
Cable Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, Online Service Providers, and Telecommunication Companies will find pointers to relevant Microsoft products, information, and services.

PC Manufacturers & Assemblers
Microsoft is ready to help support your company's business goals. Microsoft OEM on the Internet is designed exclusively for you and provides tools and information to help you successfully build, market, sell, and support PCs shipped with genuine Microsoft(r) OEM products.

Training & Certification
Technical training and certification resources to keep you up-to-date on the latest technologies, enhance your technical proficiency and skills, and help grow your business.

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