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These fee-based services are provided by Microsoft Certified Solution Providers (MCSP's). MCSP's are independent companies that team with Microsoft to solve business challenges for organizations of all sizes in many industries.

To locate a suitable MCSP, select one option from the categories listed below and click on the GO button, or for a single-step search which includes services, technology solutions, products, and industries, choose Quick Search.

How many computers are involved?  For example: 25  

Purchase or develop software solutions  Tell Me More
Write custom software (including Web page development)
Purchase Line-of-Business (LoB) applications

Install, configure, or maintain software applications  Tell Me More
Install, configure, integrate networking, file & print, or messaging systems
Install or configure pre-packaged business software
Maintenance, technical and helpdesk support

Analyze my company's business and evaluate needs Tell Me More
Analyze my business and recommend products or technologies
Design projects for network, database and messaging systems
Use evaluation software temporarily to make a purchase decision

Migrate, integrate or convert existing software Tell Me More
Migrate database applications to Microsoft technologies
Integrate or migrate messaging applications to Microsoft technologies
Support or integrate network products with Microsoft technologies

Provide Internet services Tell Me More
Provide my business with a physical connection to the Internet
Provide my business with Web hosting services

Provide Microsoft Technology Solutions Tell Me More
Design and deploy distributed computer technologies and systems
Solutions for personal and team communication and collaboration
Use internet technology to expand and streamline my business
Track and analyze timely and reliable data to make business decisions
Design and deploy mission-critical line-of-business (LoB) applications


Microsoft Certified Solution Providers are independent service providers not under the control of nor affiliated with Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft makes no warranties or representations with regard to their services. The listing of MCSPs on this site is for convenience only to assist you in locating MCSPs in your area.



Last Updated: January 19, 1999
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