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Download of updated Microsoft virtual machine recommended

Many versions of Java have year 2000 date related issues. Please refer to the Microsoft Virtual Machine Y2K Product Guide for details and recommendations to address known issues. We recommend that all users update their virtual machine. The latest version (build 3165) of the virtual machine is now available for download. If you require the 2400 series, build 2436 is also available for download.

New Microsoft virtual machine now available

Already acclaimed as the fastest virtual machine in the industry, the Microsoft® virtual machine just got better. A new release, available free of charge, builds on the technology that earned it the PC Magazine Editor's Choice for two years in a row. This new version extends Microsoft's performance leadership with even greater speed, plus new features for developers. It also offers support for Java Native Interface (JNI), in addition to the tight integration with Windows that customers and developers expect.
Link to Another 	Microsoft SiteDownload the new version of the Microsoft Java virtual machine.
Link to Another 	Microsoft SiteRead the press release for more information about the new version.

Careful, its hot! - Microsoft SDK for Java, Version 3.1

This newest version of our acclaimed virtual machine is chock full of new features, including enhanced support for development tools and ActiveX® interoperability, better debugging of Just-In-Time compiler (JIT), and improved performance profiling of Java applets and applications. Weve also integrated the Microsoft Windows Foundations Classes (WFC), which means Java developers can benefit from the productivity of Java and the power of Windows.
Link to Another 	Microsoft SiteDownload the SDK for Java, version 3.1.
Link to Another 	Microsoft SiteRead the release notes, which are a valuable source for information on the SDK for Java, version 3.1.

Refresh that Java for you? Microsoft SDK for Java, Version 2.02, now available

A new version of Microsoft's acclaimed Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java has just been released and is available free of charge (connection charges may apply). This Microsoft SDK for Java, Version 2.02, features a number of updates including the final Microsoft Windows® 98 VM (U.S. version).
Link to Another 	Microsoft SiteDownload the SDK for Java, version 2.02.
Link to Another 	Microsoft SiteRead the release notes, which are a valuable source for information on the SDK for Java, version 2.02.

Virtual machine: the white paper library

The industry's leading virtual machine, the Microsoft VM has been showered with awards. To provide you with more background on the features and technologies that have made the Microsoft VM so successful, our team of technical experts has produced a pair of white papers. Integrating Java and COM explains how Java and COM together help developers utilize Java's advantage and exploit the power of Windows. Debugging and Profiling Java Applications explores the rich set of tools included in the VM for profiling, monitoring memory and events, and debugging.

Java lawsuit information center

In the wake of Sun's legal action against Microsoft in October 1997, Java has become the stuff of headline news. To make it easier for you to follow the ins and outs of Sun's lawsuit and Microsoft's response, we've assembled all the important documents in one handy location. For details on the latest developments, visit our Java lawsuit information center.

With the Java SDK in MIND

The Microsoft SDK for Java is indispensable for the serious Java developer, according to Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND for short). For one thing, it is redistributable, explains Microsoft Java support engineer Srinath Vasireddy. And while it doesn't offer a rich set of tools packaged behind a pleasing GUI like Visual J++®, it does provides all the latest builds and tools, allowing you to easily upgrade Visual J++. In addition, the SDK automatically installs the latest version of the Microsoft virtual machine. Sample the beginning of this article in Link to Another Microsoft SiteMind online; the December 1998 issue has the rest.

See the difference -- get the final release of Visual J++ 6.0 now

Microsoft's highly acclaimed development tool, Visual J++® 6.0, is now available. This release comes packed with new features and enhancements. It offers easier data access, more visual controls, improved documentation and samples, and more. Combined with the functionality contained in the initial release of the product, these new features make Visual J++ 6.0 the most powerful development environment ever built for harnessing the productivity of Java and the power of Windows. Link to Another Microsoft SiteVisit the Microsoft Visual J++ site today for more information.

And the winner is . . .

PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award Logo Microsoft's VM continues to collect awards and accolades. The latest honor comes from PC Magazine, which cited our VM as Editors' Choice in the "Java Environments" category. It is the "fastest and most reliable Java implementation available," according to the magazine's editors. "The Microsoft environment outpaced the competition across all of our JMark 2.0 benchmark tests." Find out more in Link to Site Outside MicrosoftPC Magazine Online.

Call in the exterminators

Need a little pest control? To submit an SDK or Microsoft VM bug report or suggestion, we have a handy Link to Another Microsoft Sitebug report page.

Feedback Loop

Is this site useful? Do you have suggestions about things we can do to improve it? We encourage you to send us your Link to Another Microsoft Sitefeedback to let us know what you think about the site.

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