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Internet Explorer 5.0 - "The Best Browser"
Reviewer Tom Negrino calls Internet Explorer 5 "not only the best Web browser ever released for the Macintosh, but also arguably the best Web browser ever released for any computing platform." Read the review to find out why the browser got such rave reviews.

Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer for Mac OS X

Internet Explorer for Mac OS X is demonstrated at WWDC 2000 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and is the first and only application by any ISV to be included on the most recent developer preview release of Mac OS X.

Over one million downloads of Internet Explorer 5!
The most popular Mac browser ever achieves one million downloads in its first record-setting 14 days!

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 5 available for download now!
The Internet Explorer Administration Kit works faster and more reliably to save you time distributing your browser, getting more users to the Web, reducing your support costs, and is ideal for network administrators. Download it today!

It's Here!
Download the new Internet Explorer 5 Macintosh Edition today.

Beyond Browsing
Take this tour of Internet Explorer 5's new features that will help make your browsing experience better than ever.

View the Internet Explorer 5 Autodemo
Grab a sneak peek at Internet Explorer 5's newest features with these colorful demos.

Revolution 360 Multimedia-showing us how beautiful the world can be with QuickTime VR
Microsoft MacTopia's Business of the Month, Revolution 360 Multimedia is changing the way we see the natural world with their dynamic use of QuickTime VR photography and Internet Explorer 5.

Web expert Todd Fahrner speaks openly about Internet Explorer 5
Todd Fahrner of San Francisco's Metrius is an expert on Web User Interfaces, as well as an Internet standards Activist with a powerful voice. In this interview, Todd gives us his honest and in-depth opinions on this latest version of the browser.

Jeffrey Zeldman tells us why Internet Explorer 5 matters to the Web
In this candid review of Internet Explorer 5, Web Standards Project leader Jeffrey Zeldman gives us the low down on why it will help the Web "whether you use a Mac or not..." and what's missing from this new release. Jeffrey was also a beta-tester for the Internet Explorer 5 team and you can read his testimonial here. For more about the Web Standards Project, check out

Express yourself with Internet Explorer 5's customizable toolbars
Tiptoe through the toolbars with Danielle and Deah, as they show you how to put your own stamp on this award-winning browser. Collapse them for maximum page viewing, or change their color! However you want to customize them, Internet Explorer's toolbars are just waiting for you to get your hands on them.

Points, Pixels, DPI and You: A Style Guide to Internet Explorer 5
The Tasman Rendering engine in the new Internet Explorer 5 is going to make history and Shan Vosseller helps us understand why. This style guide to how Web pages are rendered with version 5 will demystify what's under the hood and how it can simplify your surfing! This article is a must read!

Expand your Web search possibilities! Download the Microsoft MacTopia plug-in, and this all-about-loving-the-Mac site gets integrated into the Sherlock Web search network. You'll never miss out on Mac news, updates and software releases.

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