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What's in a Logo?
When you see the "Powered by BackOffice" Logo, it means you’re using a professionally built Web site based on the Microsoft® Windows NT® Server operating system and the Microsoft BackOffice® server family. Developers are proud to display the Logo, because it demonstrates their commitment to using the most powerful and efficient tools available for creating serious business Web sites.

Windows NT Server is a multipurpose operating system capable of handling applications, file and print, communications, and Web services. It is widely viewed as the best platform for publishing information and running business applications on the Web.

The BackOffice family of servers lets developers quickly harness the power of the Internet to extend existing systems and create whole new classes of services that couldn’t exist before. The BackOffice family includes a comprehensive set of specialized servers for database, groupware, and messaging, systems management, legacy system connectivity, and Internet security. The servers can be used individually, or as a fully integrated suite. Using a broad range of Microsoft and third-party development tools, it is easy to adapt BackOffice to every unique business requirement and Web opportunity.

See how they run
You can see the Microsoft BackOffice family of servers in action, at the BackOffice Live Web site. It shows how Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server™, and other BackOffice products are used to create a customized, dynamic, and engaging Web site.

You can also go Behind the Scenes for detailed descriptions of how BackOffice products help Microsoft personalize, customize, and optimize your experience on the Web.

A logo of your own
If you’d like to display the Powered by BackOffice Logo on your site, read our usage guidelines and register!

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