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Internet Explorer 5 Beta for UNIX Now Available! new
Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express Beta are now available for beta testing on both Solaris and HP-UX! This release of Microsoft's award-winning Web browsing technology makes using the Web simpler than ever, more automated, and more flexible to let you use the Web the way you want. In short, Internet Explorer 5 brings Intellisense® to the Web to save you time on the things you do most often.

What is Intellisense?
Originally introduced in Microsoft Office, IntelliSense technology is designed to save you time by automating routine tasks and simplifying complex tasks. By building IntelliSense throughout Internet Explorer 5, Internet Explorer 5 makes the Web easier and more accessible for everyone. Internet Explorer 5 brings IntelliSense to the Web with:

  • Simplicity: Improvements to the Search, History, and Favorites bars make it easier than ever to find and organize information.
  • Automation: Internet Explorer 5's Intellisense technology can save you time by doing the most common Web tasks for you, like typing web page addresses.
  • Flexibility: Internet Explorer 5 even gives you freedom of choice to use different platforms, email and news clients, and source editors, including popular UNIX programs such as emacs or vi. Different types of web content may also be associated with programs directly from Internet Explorer's options panel.

We focused on meeting the needs of our UNIX customers by implementing the things you asked for, including:

Consistent support for standards. Internet Explorer 5 for UNIX offers the most complete support of Internet standards and technologies, including XML and DHTML. Content developers can take advantage of these technologies across both UNIX and Windows platforms.

Ease of deployment and maintenance. The Internet Explorer Administration Kit allows network administrators to roll out custom packages of Internet Explorer which are tailored to fit a particular corporationís needs. Administrators can set up proxies and accounts, apply advanced settings and security restrictions, and customize the Internet Explorer interface all from the IEAK Wizard. The settings are centrally maintained using the IEAKís auto-configuration feature.

Best UNIX browser for viewing Office 2000 documents. Internet Explorer for UNIX provides the rich formatting, high-fidelity rendering, and DHTML support which make it the ideal choice for viewing HTML documents saved from Office 2000.

Something for Everyone
IT professionals will save time deploying and managing Internet Explorer 5 and its associated Outlook Express Beta, through the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK). The IEAK allows network administrators to roll out customized packages of Internet Explorer, tailored to fit their organizations' needs. Administrators can set up proxies and accounts, apply advanced settings and security restrictions, and customize the Internet Explorer interface -- all from the IEAK Wizard. The settings are maintained centrally using the IEAK auto-configuration feature.

Web authors and developers will enjoy building powerful Web-based applications with Internet Explorer's extensive support for the latest standards-based web technologies, including Dynamic HTML, CSS, CSS-P, XML, XSL, XQL, and the W3C DOM. And you can be assured that applications you write for Internet Explorer 5 will run seamlessly on UNIX as well!

Users will appreciate the simplicity, usability enhancements and overall flexibility of Internet Explorer 5.

Internet Explorer combines ease-of-use, powerful developer features, and customizability to deliver the most compelling browser solution on UNIX today. For a complete overview of the latest additions to IE 5, see our new feature list.

Special Notes:
Internet Explorer for HP-UX continues to support Hewlett-Packard's world class Java Virtual Machine for Java applets.

Internet Explorer for Solaris now integrates the Sun Microsystems Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to support Java applets. The Sun JVM is natively optimized for Solaris, includes a Just-in-Time (JIT) Compiler and provides support for JDK 1.1.6. It is available for Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6.

THIS SOFTWARE IS FOR ADVANCED USERS SUCH AS CORPORATE ADMINISTRATORS AND OTHER INDIVIDUALS WHO REGULARLY TEST UNRELEASED SOFTWARE. If you are unsure of whether this accurately describes you, we recommend you do NOT download this software. If you choose to download this software, we request that you provide us with feedback. Microsoft does not provide technical support for preview software.

Download Now Download Internet Explorer 5 for UNIX with Outlook Express Beta now.

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